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A History of Tredegar Orpheus Male Voice Choir by Alan James
Officers, Committee and Members in 1947
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Officers & General Committee Names

Chairman: Mr Alf Clarke

Vice Chairman: Mr W T Davies

Treasurer: Mr Jack Howells

Mr J Williams
Mr George Hopkins

Registrar: Mr Tom Charles

Conductor: Mr John Holmes Lewis

Deputy Conductor: Mr Frank Jones

Secretary: Mr T H Morgan

Accompanist: Mr Allan Fletcher

General Committee
Mr William Greenland
Mr William Davies
Mr T Wathan
Mr H Williams
Mr W Jenkins
Mr David Llewellyn
Mr William Davies
Mr Ivor Jones
Mr David Morgan
Mr W J Harris
Mr S Thomas

Choir Committee
Mr William Vaughan
Mr Nick Rogers
Mr Arthur Bennett
Mr Sam Jones
Mr J Darnell
Mr A H Davies
Mr A Thomas
Mr William Ingles

Institute Committee
Mr E J Reynolds
Mr W S Phillips
Mr O Middleton
Mr G P Morgan

Choir Members as of January 1947

First Tenor Section
Mr Frank Jones
Mr William Vaughan
Mr David Childs
Mr R Miles
Mr A Hopkins
Mr E Harris
Mr Nick Rogers
Mr George Hayden
Mr G Tagg
Mr A Tagg
Mr R Evans
Mr Jack Bamfield
Mr David Jones
Mr G Kirk
Mr T Evans
Mr H Harris
Mr C White
Mr T Jenkins
Mr Llewellyn Evans
Mr Ivor Lloyd
Total 20

Second Tenor Section
Mr Sam Jones
Mr Edgar Holley
Mr E Brown
Mr T Morgan
Mr P Kelly
Mr E Matthews
Mr D Davies
Mr T Wyatt
Mr C Beynon
Mr I Evans
Mr A Bennett
Mr W H Millard
Mr Tom Parffitt
Total 13

First Bass Section
Mr Tom Atkinson
Mr Tom H Charles
Mr J Williams
Mr Reg Childs
Mr A H Davies
Mr Ivor Grenter
Mr Tom Miller
Mr David Prosser
Mr Horace Weech
Mr G Harding
Mr E Jones
Mr G Matthews
Mr H Nash
Mr Tom Green
Mr E Barnard
Mr H Clark
Mr J Darnell
Mr Glyn Charles
Total 18

Second Bass Section
Mr William Ingles
Mr A Thomas
Mr William Lewis
Mr S Toombs
Mr Islywn Morgan
Mr Jack Howells
Mr Ivor Evans
Mr G Morgan
Mr D W Evans
Mr S Davies
Mr George Beames
Mr E Morris
Mr J Evans
Mr S Evans
Mr Llewellyn Morgan
Mr J Price
Mr J Jenkins
Mr I Jenkins
Mr S G Harris
Mr O Evans
Total 20

Total members in Choir January 1947 = 71

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