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A History of Tredegar Orpheus Male Voice Choir by Alan James
Standing Orders
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Taken from Choir minute book dated 30th November 1937.

  1. The organisation shall be known as the “Tredegar Orpheus Male Voice Party.

  2. The Executive Committee, consisting of the Officers, singing members (two from each part), and ten persons who are not singing members shall conduct the business. All to be elected annually.

  3. The Executive Committee shall meet on the first Tuesday of each month.

  4. The Executive Committee shall have sole control of finances of the Party.

  5. Sub Committees shall be chosen by and from the Executive Committee.

  6. Chairman and Secretary to be members of all Committees.

  7. Any member wishing to raise any controversial matter shall give notice in writing to the Secretary, who will place same before the Officers, who will then convene a special meeting if they deem it necessary.

  8. Any member desirous of altering any rule must give notice of same in writing to Secretary at least 21 days before the Annual Meeting.

  9. The Annual Meeting to take place the last Saturday in January and the Annual Report to be available four days before same.

  10. Anyone desirous of joining the Party must submit name to the Secretary who will then invite them to undergo a voice test.

  11. Entrance Fee to be 1/-. Contributions to be 1d. Per week for unemployed and 2d. Per week for employed members. Any member 1/- in arrears, to be reported to the Committee.

  12. A sum of 10 must be left to the credit of the Party at all times.

  13. Practices to be held on Wednesday and Friday evenings, unless the conductor arranges otherwise.

  14. Members are expected to be present at each practice.

  15. Members absent from three consecutive practices without reasonable excuse to be dealt with by the Attendance Committee.

  16. No member allowed in the practice room or on Concert or Eisteddfod platform under the influence of drink.

  17. Conductor to have sole control of all musical activities of the Party.

The context of the above "A History of Tredegar Orpheus Male Voice Choir" is under copyright by Alan James (Secretary).
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