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Forum Etiquette

Please remember that this is a public forum. People viewing/updating the Tredegar  forum may have different points of view then yours. 
Please don't e-mail the webmaster asking for other peoples views to be deleted or modified simply because you disagree with their views on a subject ! 

As well as spreading news and information on the town of Tredegar, the Tredegar forum will show the people of the future what was going on in the heads of real people in the last few years of the 20th and early 21st Century. 

As long as the thread or reply's has no  liable content, has no threatening remarks,  has no Bad language or promoting illegal activates, then we should all be free to air our views! If you disagree with this, then please visit here, as they might have the same thought process as you....

Also please remember, that the views and options on this website may not be the same as the owner ( Ltd) nor the Webteam

The below is a simple guide that we ask all to follow when you participate in the Tredegar Forum

"Netiquette" stands for "Internet Etiquette", and refers to practices developed over the years to make the Internet experience pleasant for everyone. Like other forms of etiquette, netiquette is basically courtesy in online communications.

Avoid using all capital letters.
IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING! Plus it's difficult to read.

Don't criticise another Member's grammar or spelling. Don't pick on or bully another member.

Do not attack another forum or encourage others to do so - if you have a problem with any thread, report it.

Welcome and help the newbie (a term used for new members who may not understand forums the way you do) and don't presume every newbie is a troll.

When you talk, the tone of your voice conveys great meaning. To add personality and humor to your messages, use smileys, avatars or emoticons.

Keep your written communications to the point. Few people like reading text on a computer screen for too long at a time. To keep messages short, use some abbreviations but avoid full text speak as this can be difficult to read.

Remember that anything you post is a public comment. You never know who's reading it or who may copy it and spread it around. It could come back to haunt you and be careful how much you give away.

Stick to the topic when posting a message. Don't post unrelated comments, or worse, advertisements. This practice, known as spamming, will quickly lead to another unpleasant Internet practice flaming.

What is flaming? Sometimes you might offend someone unintentionally. Be prepared to receive some angry message. This is called being flamed. If you attack back, you will spark a flame war. To contain the heat, the best response usually is no response at all or a heartfelt apology.

When posting, make sure that the subject line accurately describes what the message is about.

A swear filter is in place to block out naughty words, don't purposely swear using methods to get around this.

Remember these are human beings with feelings and emotions communicating together. Think before you type.

And last but not least.

Help the people from Ebbw-Vale, they have a hard time of it too.

And whatever you do, don't don the socks & sandals..... !

Any questions on the above (apart from on the sandals), please contact us on 

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