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Regretfully Madame Betty Richard-Jones died suddenly at home on March 9th 2006. This website is now dedicated to her as a lasting tribute to all she has done -and to all those who have such happy memories of this wonderful lady. She will be greatly missed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Could everyone please check through their photos and slides for any photos of Starlite Parade carnival floats? A couple have turned up and I know there's bound to be many more hidden away somewhere! Take a look and see what you can find!

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**** If you were in Starlite Parade and have some happy news you'd like to share with everyone- just e-mail me and I'll put it on this page!!  ****


A big THANK YOU to Rod Hills - as some of you may know I've been looking for the 1972 programme for years - it's especially important as it's the very first Starlight Parade show. I'm so grateful to Rod as he has very kindly copied his 72 programme for me! Many Many Thanks!


Congratulations to former Starlighter Melanie Jones nee Colbeck on a fantastic performance in September's "Granny Annie" at Tredegar Little Theatre. The entire cast and crew did a tremendous job and even received a standing ovation - Well Done! xxx