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31st December 2003

A big thank you for all the contributes to the web-site in 2003. We had over 52,000 visitors this year, and that's well over twice the population of the town !

30th December 2003

Postcard from 1909 of Entrance Bedwellty Park

postcard entrance bedwellty park 1909

and 94 years later ................

entrance to Bedwellty Park 2003

22nd December 2003 - 21:00

Forums down, hit by a virus (probably sent from Ebbw-Vale..) Back ASAP.

Update 23:05 - Forums back on line. See forum for more info.

20th December 2003

With Broadband going live in Tredegar since the 26 November 2003, we have made the decision to move the web-site to a server running in the town. You will have noticed that we did not have any updated on the site for over six month's, and that's all been down with problems to the people hosting the site for us. The forums were also only working  25% of the time.

Although the service is on our own server now, we still have to make a few changes to the site which should only take a week to complete, so please be patient.

Our old e-mail address is now back on-line, so we can be contacted at

For the techy Tredegar folk out their (I know there is a few of you.....) the specs for the new server hosting the site can be found here

Below you can see our new  live Webcam of Tredegar. The image is updated every 15 Minutes, so press the reload button in your browser to get it right up to date. Right now you are looking at an image from Dukestown situated in the north of the town and its pointing down the valley. If you live in Tredegar and have a webcam and want to place it on the site, please drop us a line to our  e-mail address of

tred-cam.jpg (28558 bytes)

From the 14th December 2003, the new FORUM service is up and running. From here you will be able to see the latest news and events, as well as you
having your opportunity to "have a go".


We are starting to move all but the latest news items to the TOWN NEWS forum. Please check on forum for more news items.


3rd May 2003

Well sorry about the lack of updates, but hopefully the forum below has been keeping you all amused if nothing else :-) We have also now updated the guestbook with over 50 new entries . . .get reading.  I see that the CCTV camera installed into Cefn Gola is quite a "raw" subject at the moment.. . . .   More to follow ?

The Nags Head in Tafanaubach is now under new management and  has been refurbished. They now also offer a Sunday roasts, so get on up and fill ya boots.

Nags Head

We received some photo's of the town from John Morgan. Thanks for the photo's John......

Old Tredegar - Supplied by John Morgan 

Old Tredegar - Supplied by John Morgan

Old Tredegar - Supplied by John Morgan

Old Tredegar - Supplied by John Morgan

Snooker In Sirhowy

News in from Brendan :-

Hi ,

just a short note to tell you that the Sirhowy (formally Sirhowy Inn) now has a full size snooker table (and it's a good one), for info please see, pictures to follow.

Best regards



I-Spy with my little eye, something beginning with Jones!

After a lengthy period incommunicado, Carlos "The Spy" Jones has been caught on the new CCTV cameras in Cefn Gola. Comrade Pierre Topin, leader of the local vigilante gang "The Tredegar Popular Front" (TPF), forcibly commandeered the CCTV footage from the local council offices, to see if he could trace the thieves who stole the roof racks from the TPF pool car. Unfortunately, the perpetrators could not be identified, but Jones the Spy was clearly seen commando crawling between burnt out Ford Fiesta's, apparently looking for political subversives. It is not clear whether Jones the Spy was successful, but he is now though to be flooding the Tredegar black market with 1.3GL hubcaps. Undisclosed security sources say M-Aye-5 are turning a blind eye to the matter.

Please send your news stories & other bits to me here.

21th February 2003

Broadband Comes To Tredegar!

Well it's not actually - but I got your attention ;-)

We have received an e-mail from Leon asking us to get  support to get Broadband to Tredegar. For those of you who do not know what broadband is, have a read about it here). Please give BT a call on 0800 800 060 (new number is now 0800 800 150)  and let them know that you are interested is having broadband in Tredegar. Leon has told us that we need 300 people to register before BT will do anything - and so far we have only got 65 people that have registered. Also, just this week we got the news that Ebbw-Vale is getting broadband - SO COME ON !

Thanks for Leon for the e-mail.


Fred Westacott was a well known left wing political activist in South Wales in the 1930s, then in Southampton and, from the end of the war until his death in 2001, in the East Midlands.

He was born in 1916 at 57 Ash Vale, Tredegar and has written at length in his autobiography, "Shaking the Chains", about life in Tredegar in the 1920s and 30s. He was an active socialist and one of those responsible for setting up the Labour League of Youth in the town. In his book he tells of the major events of the time such as the unemployed struggles and the election campaigns.

Moving to Southampton to find work he joined the Communist Party and became very involved in his union, the AEU. During the war he was posted to Italy, after which he returned to live in the East Midlands.

Fred’s autobiography is both an account of social conditions and a political history (in which he was an active participant) of a large part of the twentieth century. It can be ordered from Joe Clark, 14 Woodland Way, Old Tupton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Price 12 + 2 postage and packing. 

The book can also be purchased from the "In the pink" shop in the town.

Fred2.jpg (8216 bytes)

11th February 2003
The planning department of Blaenau Gwent Council - By Pete Topping
During the last two years, I have been constructing my own house located in the Dukestown area of the town. As you can imagine, it has been a lot of hard work. I purposely set out from the start to only use local tradesmen and suppliers and this has proved very successfully. Anyway, I have learnt during building of my house of several "inconsistencies" from the planning department of Blaenau Gwent Council that I'm compelled to bring to the public's attention. I recently got interviewed by our local paper, the Gwent Gazettes (a great source of information on news stories and events in Tredegar and its surrounding towns) on my issues with our local planning department. Please click here to see a copy of the interview.

In conclusion, I have been running this web-site at my own cost for over eight years. It is my goal to promote the town of Tredegar, and to give whatever support I possibly can to the businesses and people of the town. I  have designed, implemented, maintained and  promoted local business web-sites from the site, at no cost. Now if I'm active doing something  pro-active for the town in which I live, why all this negativity from the planning department of our Council. Why should people move to Tredegar when all they will hit will be a blank wall (no pun intended) from our local Council's Planning Department. I'm currently deciding whether to pull this web-site, such is my dismay over recent events.

The planning department is based in Rassau Ebbw-vale, in a normal building - and not in an ivory tower!

Don't get me wrong. The vast majority of work done by the Council is excellent. You can just look around our town to see what great work is being achieved, but this high standard is not being maintained throughout the Planning Department.

At the end of the day, I'm just a local bloke (who cannot speak Latin ....), that simply wants to build a brick wall to the same standard as the rest of his house. I know and expect the Planning Department should ensure that a minimum standard should be adhered to, but If I want to improve on it (and place my own plants in my own garden, where I want to plant them..), then why can't I ?

Please e-mail any question/comments to me here.


Pete Topping


13th January 2003
System News. Another year, another update :-) Please note that last years updates can now be found in the menu to the right. Also I'm doing the normal apologies  for the lack of updates. We are planning to allow people to place updates in the guest book,

We get some strange entries in the guest book of, but this is by far the best we seen for 2002 :-)

Your_Name: Alan
From_Where_In_The_World: Devon
Email_Address: Tenderfoot156413
How_Do_You_Rate_This_Site: Average
Comments: the wife and i stayed with friends over xmas we thought your town was great, nice people plenty of historic things to see,we were ok until we thought we would try a pint or two on xmas eve. my god we were standing by your wonderfull clock and we seen more violence then there is in a rambo film, all coming from a pub on the corner. so we moved up the road and went into a place called the castle,that was something else it was like being at a school outing and what was going on in the mens i dont know but peoples jaws were moving all shapes, but at the end of it we got into a few nice places i remember one being the cam.but all in all we enjoyed our stay and would come again, but we will bring our own beer oh and by the way dont your town have a police force. good luck to all who live there. and hi to jen and hi david

The Headleys Web Site can now be found at  
(best get your hair cut now before Pete goes on holidays ((again))

The Tech-Board Web Site can now be found at 

Thanks for all the e-mails and stuff we received last year. In 2002, we received over 40,000 hits :-) 

Please send any items of interest to the webmaster here.

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