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18th December 2005

The "In-trim" fitness center located at the bottom of Queen's street is now under new management, Please see below for upcoming events over the festive session.. 

Phone 01495 725510 for more details.....

Intrim, Boxing night 2005 (c)

If you want to advertise any event that's happening in Tredegar, please contact your webmaster here.

8th December 2005

The little theater in Tredegar are performing "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears". Tickets available from Sylvia on (01495) 724979, but be quick, there selling fast !

Phone Sylvia on 724979 to see "Goldilocks and the 3 bears"


25th November 2005

"Invasion of the Castle:
On Thursday 17th November, the Castle’s drawbridge descended without a fanfare of trumpets.
Unfortunately, Robin Hood – a clever pseudonym devised to protect the identity of this writer, who would otherwise suffer the slings and arrows of the vengeful victims of his sharpened pen- and his Band of Not-So-Merry Men were still wandering around the woods, missing the descent of its drawbridge. However, on Saturday 19th November, Robin and his motley crew invaded the Castle hoping to witness a social banquet, a feast fit for a king.
Robin and his Not-So-Merry Men had heard rumours of  The Castle’s discontent about its visitor s and enjoyed ribald humour at the mocking suggestion that a dress code would be introduced. These decent men braved the descent into a world dominated by Tredegar's shadiest characters.
Robin noticed that the same despicable characters lurked in the shadows. He spied artwork on one of the walls, speculating whether it was a clever ploy to conceal earlier damage and wondered whether the canvas would wipe free of the anticipated bloodshed of future encounters.
Like a soothsayer, Rob was proven to be a man of prophetic vision and wisdom.  Within five minutes of Robin squiring himself a drink and admiring a few wenches, he was set upon by the nefarious (RP), who will undoubtedly be rewarded with R.I.P before his name if he continues in the same wicked vein. Violence reared its ugly head again. It came in the same unearthly form of RP.
With the hastened departure of The Beast, the stage was now set for the timely arrival of The Beauty. KD.
A word to the wise.  If you intend to brave The Castle, don’t go there alone – take an armed guard, if possible. If that isn’t possible,  keep your back to the wall so at least you’ll be able to identify your attacker to the police.
Sadly, KDs glamorous appearance only enlightened the night for the merest of moments. The Castle does not change. It is an ugly Valleys woman wearing too much make up. If you look beyond the art on the walls, you will still see the ugliness within its walls.
                         Robin Hood"



19th November 2005

Always good to see one of our ICommunity projects in the news :-)

2nd October 2005

For more info, please click here. Thanks the CAE for the info......

6th September 2005

This web site will be shutdown on Thursday 8th September 2005, for 3 minutes between 12:00 and 12:03.

11th August 2005

Not good reading:-

22nd July 2005

New Limo business in Tredegar. Please give them a visit at

24th June 2005

TREDEGAR - Proclamation of The King - Crowd Scene TREDEGAR - Proclamation of The King - Crowd Scene

This is a wonderful real photograph postcard vended, it would seem privately, by J.H. Cotton - Kelly's Directory shows that John Henry Cotton was a Tobacconist at 95 Commercial Street, Tredegar. The card shows the crowd that turned out at the Town Clock in the centre of Tredegar for the proclamation of King George the Vth after King Edward VIIths. death. I assume the War Memorial commemorated the dead of the Boer War is in Bedwellty Park as is the main war memorial of Tredegar. The card was mailed by someone in the photo on May 10th. 1910 in Tredegar. I wonder how many people who look at this card will find their grandparent or great grand parent on this card - many who do look may well not recognise their ancestors.

Tredegar - Proclomation of the king.

6th June 2005

Accessing your Assembly locally

The National Assembly’s South East Wales regional team will be at Kwiksave Foodstores, Tredegar on Monday 20th June 2005 between 10:00am & 1:00pm.

The regional teams have been set up to bring the Assembly to local communities, as part of our commitment to reaching all the people of Wales .

Each team consists of two co-ordinators developing links in each area. Their role is to develop local networks and they are available for local events and to talk to community groups such as Women’s Institutes, religious groups, Rotary Clubs and so on. They also attend the Assembly’s Regional Committees – these committees take place regularly in different venues in each region. They provide an opportunity for members of the public to put their views to Assembly Members on a variety of issues.

For further information contact the Assembly Information line on 029 20898200 or

17th May 2005

Apologies for the delay, but we have updated the Council-Tax section. See below for main graph....

17th May 2005

News in from Brian Turner:-

 As you probably know, Tredegar Town Council and Tredegar Branch of the 60th anniversary of VE Day on the 8th May, I have a DVD of the day. There is now an exhibition of wartime memorabilia at Bedwellty House that will finish on Friday.
 However, if it is of any interest to you, I am informed that there will be a church service to commemorate the 60th anniversary of VJ Day and the end of World War 2 on 14th August. I believe that something will be arranged on this day but it has not been decided on yet.
After the VE Day commemoration, a show was put on in Bedwellty Park, by Kids R Us and a very enjoyable day was had by all.

Thanks for the info Brian.

25th March welcomes "TredCom Technology Ltd" a new sponsor to the website. 

Please give then a visit at

If you would like to help with the running at the site, please contact us here.

24th March 2005

St. James Woodland in the Upper Sirhowy Valley

The Forestry Commission local area, Ebbw, is seeking local opinion and comments about St. James Woodland this year in May (or before) as part of it's Forest Design Planning process. This is an activity carried out every five years to see if the plans are still appropriate to the area. The Commission has never before actively sought public opinion on a systematic basis, so speak up now or wait another five years for the process to happen over again!

As local users of the woodlands, your opinions and knowledge is invaluable, so please get in touch.

Public meetings will be set up nearer the time and folk should watch out for adverts and posters locally. Otherwise speak to the Ebbw Ranger at the Rudry Office on: 02920 886 863 or email her on:



Website :

15th March 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates, but here is a great photo sent in by "Ninjabadger" of the bandstand down the park during the recent snow.

 Photo of Tredegar Park's Bandstand in Feb 2005

Thanks for the picture :-)


8th February 2005

Here it is, house prices for last year....

Blaenau Gwent
Average Cost: £83,688
Detached: £147,601
Semi-detached: £90,993
Terraced: £63,764
Flat: N/A
Change in last quarter: 23.8%
Change in last year: 65.4%
Sales: 195

last year we saw a 65.4% rise. Amazing......

13th January 2005

Michael Johns - Tredegar (Tel 01495 723090)

Michael Johns


Tuesday-Friday 9:00 till 6:00
Saturday 8:30 till 4:00

Late Night Opening Upon Request Thus / Fri Till 8:00pm



Michael Johns - Tredegar (Tel 01495 723090)


91 Queen Victoria Street

Tel: 01495 723090

To advertise your business to almost 100'000 people every year, click here !

2nd January 2005

Just for your information, the (along with all the ICommunities sites)  in 2004 got 94'058 visitors with over 1'400'000 hits. That's over 30% more then the previous year. A big thank you to all that contributed....

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