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25th December 2007
Seasons greetings from Tredegar
12th December 2007
Great to see improvements in the Christmas lights this year on show around the main area of the town. 
A big thank you to to Kathryn at WME, Don at MGN, and all at for the use of their excellent photographs.

Tredegar Town Clock Christmas 2007

Tredegar Town Clock Christmas 2007

Please click above images to display in full.


19th November 2007 
Pictures in for regular contributor of the forum, Ashley, of our town Park.

To see more info on this subject and to say what you think on the condition of the park, pop over top the forum here

8th November 2007
Showing 26th November to 1st December at the Little Theatre 


3rd October 2007
The old LCR site by Tredegar Comprehensive school has been demolished to make way for houses.


16th September 2007
More photo's sent in on the proposed development of 147 dwellings at land at rear of Peacehaven Tredegar .
This time showing the slurry that in beneath !

hop along to the forum to find out  more here

2nd August 2007
News in on Bogus charity collection leaflets in Tredegar
Pop on over to the forum Here for more info.
29th July 2007
We have received a very interesting article from Bryan Rendell on the condition of the Cholera Cemetery up by the main Cefn Gola Cemetery. Brian has written to the council on the matter, and the below article is going to appear this week in the Argus. Brian was born in Tredegar, and attended the local Grammar School until I did National Service in the RAF.



Tredegars Cholera Cemetery


How many of your readers can place where this picture was taken?


I have asked countless people who have lived in Tredegar, Mon for many years the same question, and mostly the answer is they don’t know.  
This run down isolated, small cemetery is behind the main cemetery at Cefn Gola, Tredegar

It is Tredegar’s Cholera Cemetery .

One of the first outbreaks ( King of Terrors)  happened in the years 1831/33, and the residents buried their dead in ground as far away from the town as possible, hoping that out of sight might mean out of mind.

This epidemic taught the need for great sanitary reforms. The housing conditions were awful, without ventilation or drainage. The intervals between the houses were unpaved, often following the lines of the streams serving a conduit for excrement.  

Several families were often crowded into single dwellings, and innumerable lodgers, many of them Irish immigrants, added to the congestion.

In one house 35 men were playing cards with influence of heaps of human ordure and other filthy accumulations present. The stench was unbearable.

The valley towns of Merthyr Tydfil and Tredegar seemed to suffer most. The stage was set for outbreaks of infectious diseases like Asiatic Cholera.

In 1849 Wales experienced it’s worse cholera outbreak. In Merthyr Tydil  one thousand six hundred and eighty two died – one in 50 of the population.

In Tredegar the death from this disease was 203.

The long hot Summer of 1849 scarcely a street in the town was not affected. The authorities began cleansing operations and lime and disinfectants were given out. The local doctors began searching frantically for a cure, trying all known remedies, but without success. Many people turned to religion as a saviour and the local chapels and churches were packed during the outbreak.

Such was the stigma attached to the disease that hardly enough people could be found to bury the dead. Whole families who were healthy one day were dead the next. Many educated people soon came to realize that the disease wasn’t caused by the ragged Irish immigrants, but by the dirty and squalid conditions that were the chief source of the disease.

Of the approx. 250 victims buried at Tredegar Cholera’s cemetery most of the deaths occurred in 1849. Many more victims were buried in gardens and on the mountainside around Tredegar, because such was the stigma.

The cholera cemetery is now a forgotten place. Stones have been broken by the elements and sheep and horses wander freely over the twenty six remaining gravestones. Some of the inscriptions are still legible in Welsh and English, and the bulk bear the date 1849.

The Cefn Gola Cholera Cemetery is a scheduled ancient monument of National importance and is protected by law.


Although Tredegar Cholera Cemetery is an Ancient Monument and protected by Law, what are the Council doing to preserve and protect it – NOTHING.


At one time there was a railings around the site. You can still see the remains of this rotting away. This site needs some T.L.C, because in another ten or more years it will start to disappear for ever and someone will then say –“if only we had known and done something about it”

Have your say on this subject in the forum, Here.


16th July 2007
Erection of 147 dwellings at land at rear of Peacehaven Tredegar 

Is this a good or bad move ? See your views here on the forum.

14th July 2007
Work Starting on repairs to Town Clock.

Catch on what's being said on the delay in works, here in the forum !

30th April 2007
Big improvements made up in Bryn Bach Park.

Hop on over to the forum for more info:


26 April 2007
As many of you know, the famous town clock of Tredegar located in the Circle  has not been working for five months. Interest is now gathering in the reasoning why the clock is still not fixed. An on-line Petition has been set-up with an aim to get the Council (and we have already had some confusion on which Council is responsible for the clock ! Only in Tredegar....) to fund the necessary repairs to our clock.

Visit the discussion on the Tredegar Forum here, and PLEASE sign our petition here.

Picture Taken when Clock was working........

Also, more info is available here

To see a video on the issues with the clock (with Trevor the milk singing, so you have been warned...) click here 

22 April 2007
New (or should that be no) Parking in the town

Check out the forum here for more info.

1st April 2007
Bedwellty House & Park to be restored !

Great new investment made in the town !

13th March 2007

On Saturday March 31st Tredegar Rugby Supporters Club present a night of laughter and song.

Appearing at Tredegar Rugby Club will be

STAN JOHNS (one of club lands top comedians)  plus

fantastic female vocal harmony duo MILLS & BOON

You can book your tables now, no need to queue your seats will be reserved

Tickets are available now at £6-00 each which includes a free raffle with a dozen prizes.

For tickets contact 01495 724914

7th March 2007
Ebbw - Ipod. Amazing !


Ebbw - Ipod

Top brainy boffin types have unleashed the latest mp3 gadget. A spokesperson for Ebbw Scientific Stuff, Rippling Forehead, said yesterday, 'I believe this is a major breakthrough in music technology. It won't make you very popular on the bus, though.'

21st February 2007
Tredegar Town Partnership is holding a market on the 9th of March 2007. Please click on poster below for more details.

Thanks for Jayne for the details.

13th February 2007
To celebrate the official "switching on " of the new floodlights at the Recreation Ground Tredegar R.F.C. will be entertaining a star studded Crawshays Welsh XV. The invitation side have agreed to play at Tredegar on Friday March 9th Kick Off 7-00pm. Admission for adults is £4-00 which includes stand. concessions are £2-00.  A souvenir program is being published at £1-00. Further information can be obtained from 01495 722879 or 01495 724914.


11th February 2007
Winter Comes To Tredegar
Well, a bit of snow to cover the bin tops anyway.

Please click on the images below for a larger image.


A big thank you for CAE (and her dad...), for sending in the photo's.

More Photo's of the town during the latest wintry blast can be found on the Tredegar Forum, here.

11th February 2007
Kidz-R-US latest show details can be seen below. Please click on image for larger image.



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