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Cefn-Golau is a housing estate that was build in the town of Tredegar during the mid 1950's. At the time it was considered to be  very modern and the architecture of the site as a whole was was done in the style of the day. Since then however, Cefn-Golau's fortunes have not been good. It is now suffering as countless other housing projects across the country that was built in the 1950's and 1960's are now suffering.

Things have recently started to hit boiling point when old unused houses that have been boarded up in an attempt to keep vandals out have started to be demolished. A resident of Cefn-Golau has very kindly donated several hundred photographs of the estate, including the demolition work that took place in 2002/3. He has also very kindly donated some video clips of the demolitions as well.

Cefn-Gola , Tredegar.


Cefn-Gola , Tredegar.

The subject of the Cefn-Golau housing estate has always been discussed on this web-site, and below you can just see a few archived examples of what people of Tredegar have been saying about the estate. :-



Cefn-Gola , Tredegar.



In 2003 CCTV was installed by the local council in an effort to stop the rising vandalism on the streets of Cefn-Golau.  This has proved to be a very effective deterrent , and the area has improved greatly since it was installed.


The housing estate does now have it's own residence committee set up, so if anybody from the residence committee would like to contribute something to this site, please contact us at the normal address here.

We have also set up a new discussion forum for Cefn-Golau. Please use this forum to air your own views on the Cefn-Golau saga.

We now have three separate Cefn-Golau Photo galleries on line.

  1. Cefn Golau, General photo's Please Click Here

  2. Cefn Golau, Demolition of 2003 Please Click Here

  3. Cefn Golau, Winter of 2003 Please Click Here

We also have some on-line video of the demolition of the some of the houses, please click Here to see.

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