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Welcome to the internet home site of  the town of Tredegar, South Wales in the United Kingdom. This site has been set up to provide information on the town to local people, and also to provide information to people from around the world that have an interest in this great historical town.

Tredegar Park, Tredegar

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The web-site of was actually started in 1991 running under a bulletin-board system that was based in the town. It proved to be very successful with thousands of hits. When the World-Wide-Web  was born we quickly moved over to it in 1995 so we could be seen by everybody!

Since 1991 the cost of running the bulletin-board and website has been funded by one person, although several people help run and maintain the site.  The financial cost  over the years is very hard to estimate, but it must be into the thousands of pounds. Currently the cost of running the dedicated server and network costs (now because we run the server ourselves, based in Tredegar...) is approximately just over 300 per year. This does not include any new hardware or software, just the running costs.   Again this is still paid by one person.

If you would like to donate to the running cost of the site please click on the donate button below. All donations will be used exclusively on the running of the server.

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