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Tredegar People are they mad – Part 2.
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tredegar People are they mad – Part 2.


Well some time ago we posted a film clip with the title, “Tredegar People, Are They Mad”. It’s now been viewed over 1’000 times )please see Gallery->video for clip), and so we think its time to follow up with some more evidence on the subject.


During a short walk about town the other week, I come across what I believe yet more evidence that the people of Tredegar are indeed mad.


Ladies & Gentleman (Kids & Animals), I introduce to you, direct from Tredegar, Home Made Road Signs.



and more



We are monitoring the area and expect to see home made speed cameras (made from a shoe box), and a zebra crossing (tipex and shoe polish) appear in the next few weeks.



We would like to point out that no Council worker(s) was injured during the creation of this news item

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