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 Development of the Monuel works.

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
AaranTL Posted - 12/10/2004 : 22:10:27
I know how much some forum members like to criticise the town but I would like to take this opportunity to praise how well the monwel works is coming along. Its looking wonderful. It really tidies up the area. I believe it is being turned into 2 and 3 bed roomed homes.
They are for rent.
The only problem is, what sort of people will be moving in.
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
sailor Posted - 09/11/2004 : 12:23:54
Nice siteI am fairly new to Tredegar,my first ever visit here was to see a Film called Gone With the Wind, that was in 1955 ish,I arrived my chance three years ago, purchased a property,close to houseing assoc houses,I can say that apart from about two person the rest are very nice people,as an adult I find that if you speak to the children and show them respect I get respect in return.My wife and I have settled in well cannot fault the area,it's nice to be able to walk through the town or up to Bryn Bach park and talk to people,I know it's two overcoats colder in Tredegar but the people are the most friendliest around and that includes the Towns traffic warden
pierre Posted - 26/10/2004 : 21:31:09
MMMmmmmm Photos' of how Monuel works looks now - in case your wondering ....
jinx22 Posted - 23/10/2004 : 19:41:05
where have people got the idea that the monuel works are a housing association development becase it is not, its private,its whats his face cross that owns it, and what a cracking job he is doing too,
Cae Posted - 20/10/2004 : 20:59:22
Hi all - there is supposed to be parking provided at the end of the development- on the side- off the road-it's where there's space surrounded by a small wall? It hasn't been constructed yet but supposed to be a space for each house or so I was told? If there's more than one car in a family I don't know where they will be parking?
AaranTL Posted - 20/10/2004 : 19:58:44
I believe that there is some land that belongs to the building located at the front. Havent you noticed the low concrete edging which runs around the front of the building? Perhaps some form of a garden will be construcated later on this small plot in front.

Where are the residents going to park
benjifer Posted - 20/10/2004 : 18:26:40
I suppose they will be like traditional terraces, you know, like walter street or georgetown, straight onto the pavement.

JBevan04 Posted - 19/10/2004 : 21:26:28
I was just wondering how the monmel works houses would work because it is a big block. the two side houses only have a front garden.

Cityboi Posted - 15/10/2004 : 13:34:18
My my bulliver ,I can almost hear you stamping your little feet as you hold your breath until you turn blue !! Mind you don't stamp to hard or you might scare away the three billy goats gruff
You state that you are leaving due to certain members attitudes to free speech. May I suggest you read your past post where you TELL me not to argue with your good friends AaranTL & JBevan04. Sounds like you like free speech only when it's your mouth thats it's coming out of. Also you state you bought your property 4 years ago for 20k & sold it LAST year for 70k when you won the lottery( that tenner must really have come in handy ). Unless you had the money to make a cash purchase prior to your ' win' ( which I doubt) you would need a mortgage. There is not a bank or building society in the UK who would give a mortgage to anyone under 18 & then only under special circumstances. ( there are also laws governing property ownership by minors) . Therefore let us presume you were 18 at the time. by the content of the rest of your posting you would have to be at least 23 years old. However you tell me not to argue with your good friends one of whom we have discovered to be only 15 years old. Although its a free country & you may associate with who you wish to I do not know of any blokes in their early to mid twenties with school kids as their good friends. Although its quite usual for people in their 20's to have friends in their 30's 40's or even their 90's its unusual to have a guy your age who is mates with people so much younger . Is it a case that you cannot find anyone of your own age to talk to, is it that you cannot find anyone your own age with a similar level of maturity & interllect to your own to chat with , or is it more the case that you are really just a school kid yourself. From the level that you have chosen to express yourself I personally think the evidence points to you being a kid & a rude one at that. With any luck your mummy will send you to bed without any super & forbid you to watch Teletubbies for a week
Jbevan04 on the 14th of this month you said that you thought people from your home town would have more respect for a fellow Tredegar resident .Thats rich comming from you You the person ( probably another child )who clearly reffered to housing association people as slobs , the person who questioned my right to be on this site... If you want respect little boy try earning it first .
Aaran TL thanx for the appology it takes a big person to say sorry.
benjifer Thanx for your coment much appreciated. Think you & possibly I may have touched more than a nerve Also do you think it was you & I bulliver was suggesting to have surgury If so I promise to warn you if I'm going to sneeze
Vicky Polard ... FINALLY ! Welcome how are you ? You are of course correct we should be chatting about the positive side of this thread instead of focusing on the second part of the original posting.
About 25 or so years ago Monwell works had a good reputation for giving employment to people with learning difficulties , as well as the more capable of course. To see that its now become homes & possibly affordable ones to rent seems fitting. The building is still being used to benefit people. Its also in a nice area I've always liked Elmwood, nice houses nice & quiet (compared to some places) nice people. I hope whoever lives there are happy & contented. I'd like to be the first to say GOOD LUCK IN YOUR NEW HOME
Vicky Polard Posted - 14/10/2004 : 19:53:11
I thought this was about the development of Monuel Works not slagging off one and another

benjifer Posted - 14/10/2004 : 18:04:46
Originally posted by bulliver

God how nice it is to be rich I don't have to live in a slum like some people do ah! Money ant university qualifications god what a life

Tredegar's millionaire now moved away

benjifer Posted - 14/10/2004 : 17:56:36
n/a Posted - 14/10/2004 : 17:33:34
Some people just dont listen well this is my last post because of 2 certain members how are so far up each others A**e that it would take a very good doctor several hours to remove them both from each other so for the last time good bye

benjifer Posted - 14/10/2004 : 17:04:39

You are far too entertaining and interesting to be a troll sweetie.

But look at the reaction from some people? Do you think I touched a nerve? LOL

n/a Posted - 14/10/2004 : 16:46:10
I hope that benjifer wasnt calling me a troll that was my first post and i wanted to stay in touch with tredegar but know after certain members attitudes to free speech i want bother i thought britain was a democracy but hey i want bother any more so unless peoples attitudes change i want reply to any posts thank you and good bye
Cityboi Posted - 14/10/2004 : 16:17:16
My parents live in Tredegar, most of my maternal side of the family live in Tredegar & there are several generations of my family buried in the 3 graveyards in cefn ( including the Cholara cemetery..thats how long we have been there.) Just because I have moved away doesn't mean I wash my hands of my heritage. In the mean time I would like to say Mr ( or should that be master ?) Bevan that I respect your right to hold any opinion you like .However remember that you may not have to dig to far into your own family past to find something you do not like. Also remember that some decendents of the great Aneurin Bevan have ended up living in social housing within the town.Any connection to you ??
By the way benj thanx for not making me a troll ... mind you the way my council tax is going I'll probably end up living under a bridge
JBevan04 Posted - 14/10/2004 : 09:50:07
listen i only came on here to post my opinion but all i get in return is abuse, i thought the people of my hometown would show more respect for fellow tredegar people

andy Posted - 14/10/2004 : 09:45:59
i thought this website was for tredegar residents new and old,does it make any difference whether people have moved away or not,like all people who were born and brought up in tredegar the old place still has a place in ones heart,oh and by the way i have just sold a propety in tredegar for 56,500,quite livable and ready to move into,so what citiboi has said is correct and i know live in southampton but tredegar still and always will be my home.
JBevan04 Posted - 14/10/2004 : 09:25:11
one question why is a person from the citi on a tredegar town website?

benjifer Posted - 14/10/2004 : 07:39:49
Citiboi? Really.... I was not referring to you. (as I am sure you knew any way).

Do you all know what a troll is? I can supply a link if needed. If you prefer you can do a google search and it will clear things up for you.

Oh dear Aaran, where did I say you had no right to an opinion? I was just curios, I am wounded at your assumption that I would be so offensive. I was interested, as I didn't really care about stuff like that when I was 15 (apologies for getting your age wrong). And before you think I am getting sarcastic I am not. I would be very clear about That lets be friends eh?

Also with regards to you being a troll Aaran, I would not respond to your posts if I believed you to be one.

And besides, I think that affordable housing is absolutely the way to go in a recovering town such as Tredegar. Good luck to the housing association. As a lifelong resident of 'the tip' I think it is a vast improvement, and fortunate that a developer saw the potential at long last.


Cityboi Posted - 13/10/2004 : 22:47:52
No problem where I am concerned
AaranTL Posted - 13/10/2004 : 21:28:19
I appologise if i offeded anybody in my last few posts.
I have analysed what you said and have been to the website and am sorry. "Live and learn," it's all part of growing up.

What do you all think about the appearance of the monwel works
AaranTL Posted - 13/10/2004 : 21:17:24
Benjifer, do the research before you start debating over whether i have the right to an opinion. If you actually read my other posts you would find that i am 15.
What gives you the right to decide who gets an opinion or not? How dare you! In the society and country we live in today evrybody has the right to an opinion and if you dont like it i suggest you leave (Just my humble opinion.)

Troll was that aimed at me
Cityboi Posted - 13/10/2004 : 20:57:26
You actually stated that you COULD NOT buy a house in this area for 65k. I took this to mean of any discription if you meant modern new or totally refurbished you should have said so. Where contradiction is concerned I belive I said half decent which implies it is not perfect & may need some TLC. I am certain the inhabitance of the properties concerned will quite happy to hear your opinion of their homes.Perhaps you just don't being proved incorrect. Also to be "proud" to point out what you belive to be anothers failing implies an insecure & inmature possibly adolescent attitude.However I respect your right to hold this opinion, afterall we do live in a democratic society. By the way bulliver that means that I will argue with whomever I please.By the way I remember from school Mr Waldren ( the head of Elmwood in the 1970's ) saying that it was manners maketh man not money. These words have stayed with me all my life .Although I now live in a rather large house in a very upper middle class affluent area of Cardiff & have a second home in the town of sitges some 22 km south of Barcelonia. Although I live a life very removed from average Tredegar existance I will never forget or denigh where I come from . I thank God for what I have been given & that I was raised to respect others & to help those less fortunate than myself.
Of course if you wish to be snobby thats your perogative but remember no matter how high up the ladder you climb their is always someone on the rung above you capable of pooing all over you.
By the way benjifer was I included in your troll count
benjifer Posted - 13/10/2004 : 17:28:44
Hellooooo???? Moderator, I believe you may have a few trolls defecating on your site...

Just my humble opinion...

Anyway Aaran, what kind of standards does a 14 year old have with regards to housing these days?
n/a Posted - 13/10/2004 : 16:32:38
God how nice it is to be rich I don't have to live in a slum like some people do ah! Money ant university qualifications god what a life

Tredegar's millionaire now moved away

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