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 What happened to the future?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
pierre Posted - 20/01/2009 : 13:35:31
Americans put men on the moon. Tweed jacketed British chaps with pipes in their mouths and pencils behind their ears got together with suave French blokes to build supersonic passenger jets. Further back, the brilliant Isambard Kingdom Brunel (coolest name in history) built the modern world in Britain.

We were promised 500 kph magnet trains.
We were promised hypersonic jets to fly to Australia in a few hours.
We were promised flying cars.
We were promised manned Mars missions and moon colonies.

And all these things CAN be done.

What we’ve got is tulipty buggy software that crash every few minutes and cost gazillions to build.
We’ve got banks that have lost all the (our) money.
We’ve got microwave ovens that leave your food boiling in one place and freezing 1 cm further up.

The future was supposed to be brilliant. It’s crap at the moment. Who ruined the future? How do we take it back and rebuild the dreams?
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
pierre Posted - 30/06/2021 : 09:20:20
At last, some hope maybe ?

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pierre Posted - 26/02/2013 : 20:05:03
At last, some hope !


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valll Posted - 10/03/2009 : 15:33:00
Hi Mike,

Yes you held a pencil between your thumb and the palm of your hand, and added up £sd using 4 fingers. For speed you never went above the 5 key, so 9 you depressed 5 + 4, 8 was two 4's etc. You soon got used to it and it was surprizing how quickly you could do it because you built up a rhythm !!! Of course the newer electric machines the keys were easier to depress so were easier, the worst part was learning the shillings and pence as decimals of a £. as all calculations were done in decimals and in those days we had 240 pennies to the pound. Again the more common ones we remembered but we still had to look at charts for others.

I used to do the payroll for a factory in Harlesdon in London, and worked in the accounts office there.

morgan Posted - 10/03/2009 : 07:58:44
Correction to the Above !

Peniciiin was discovered in 1928 by Fleming
Biro in 1938 by Laszlo

I didn`t want Val climbing all over me

Morgan as if I would I seem to be getting a bit of a reputation


tarkus Posted - 10/03/2009 : 10:05:45
Originally posted by pierre

For the record, I also got a kite for my 9th birthday.

and I was posh, had the string for it on my 12th birthday :o)

We had kites,got ours free from the GULF garage on the prom,and they came with string

mike Posted - 10/03/2009 : 09:26:08
Originally posted by aussiewelshman

Sent in by Forum Regular, Valll.

I once worked in an office which was shared by the comptometer pool; it was deafening when they did the weekly payroll. It never ceased to amaze me how the operators could press what seemed to be about half a dozen keys simultaneously, and hold a pencil in the same hand! It got a bit quieter when the old mechanical Sumlock machines were replaced by the (then) new-fangled electronc Anitas in the early 1970s. Is it true that it was easier to press the "4" and "5" keys together instead of the "9" key?
morgan.m Posted - 10/03/2009 : 07:58:44
Correction to the Above !

Peniciiin was discovered in 1928 by Fleming
Biro in 1938 by Laszlo

I didn`t want Val climbing all over me
morgan.m Posted - 10/03/2009 : 07:22:43
Grandpa was talking with his grandson about all the things that we have now that were different when he was younger.
"Let me think" he said. He was born before:

* Television
*Polio shots
* Frozen food
* Photocopiers
* Contact lenses

There were no:

~ Credit Cards
~Laser Beams
~ Ball Point Pens

Man had not invented:

# Air Conditioners
# Dishwashers
#Tumble Dryers
# Space ships

He had never heard of:

> FM radios
> Tape Decks
> CDs
> Yoghurt
> Pizza Hut
> McDonalds
> Computers

And how old do you think this man is?
I bet your’e in for a shock!
Are you ready-this granndpa would be>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 59 years old!

Now, I bet that made you think.?????

pierre Posted - 09/03/2009 : 23:30:41
For the record, I also got a kite for my 9th birthday.

and I was posh, had the string for it on my 12th birthday :o)
aussiewelshman Posted - 09/03/2009 : 23:26:23
Originally posted by valll

That's the last time I send YOU a picture


Love ya Val.
valll Posted - 09/03/2009 : 23:13:50
That's the last time I send YOU a picture


aussiewelshman Posted - 09/03/2009 : 22:52:02
Our Valll...

valll Posted - 09/03/2009 : 22:42:49
In My day we didn't have batteries you had to wind them up !!!


tarkus Posted - 09/03/2009 : 19:58:37
Battery tester....very posh we used to stick our tongue's on ours

pierre Posted - 09/03/2009 : 08:33:26
and I had a ball, a stick, and a nice red apple ;-)
valll Posted - 08/03/2009 : 23:23:00
Is that all you had for Christmas Pierre


pierre Posted - 08/03/2009 : 20:40:52
See now as I said at the start, What happened to the future?

Below is a picture of my Ronco Batter Tester from 1982. OK, so one company did bring out a tester on the side of their battery's a few years back, but they cost a fortune.... This device thats over 27 years old does the job just great :o)

A a video to bring it all back :o)

valll Posted - 24/01/2009 : 00:33:20
Hi Bryan,
Burroughs adding machines were diferent beasts to comptometers, they were just for adding. Comptometers were used for all sorts of calculations as well as adding. You had to have training to use them and then had to pass a test to obtain your qualification to say you were a trained operator.

I worked for a while for Alcan Industries at Rogerstone, working out the weights that the lorries could carry, and forgot on one occasion to take the weight of the lorry into consideration. Consequently the lorry went out overloaded. !!! Boy did I get a rocket for that. !! Luckily for me they were checked before leaving, so my mistake was picked up. Well it was one of my first jobs, but it took me a while to live it down. !!!

As you say Happy Days !!!


Bryan Rendell Posted - 23/01/2009 : 15:28:19
When I was doing National Service in the early 1950's I was in the RAF Pay Accounts Dept. at Little Rissington. Seeing the picture of the adding machine brought back memories, when I sat at a desk for days on end, using the Burroughs Adding Machine. Cogs and levers whirred away when you punched in the details and pulled the handle. The results came out on a paper roll which then had to be checked again against the files.

Happy days.

valll Posted - 22/01/2009 : 22:42:43
Glad I helped


Peregrine Honeydew Posted - 22/01/2009 : 22:35:33
Ooohh! Marking that one down on my Sat Nav. Essential summer visit.

T. V. M.

Well, did you ever wake up, with them bullfrogs on your mind?
valll Posted - 21/01/2009 : 23:28:45
It's here Peregrine


Peregrine Honeydew Posted - 21/01/2009 : 23:08:03
Whoa Whoa Valll! This isn't a sex thing. Calm yourself girl.

Seems to me we have lost anything that doesn't make a buck and that's sad, but it's economics. The Americans only went to the Moon to beat the Russians not for any philanthropic betterment of mankind trip. Trouble with getting to places too fast is the boss just makes you work more or expects you back earlier. Plus we can't travel to Mars 'cos we don't have the technology to do it safely.
However as you say we have come a long way techwise. Smallpox eradicated, being able to interweb from your own couch, mobiles, car safety, milliamp trips, 9 million inch plasma tvs, no more Little and Large, Ipods and plenty of Westons Organic Cider etc etc.

Pros and cons, now where's me Westons?

Well, did you ever wake up, with them bullfrogs on your mind?
valll Posted - 21/01/2009 : 21:50:51
10 hours to Oz, MMmmmmmmm. What rocket was you on Vall :o)

Didn't read it right did you I said you can get to Hong Kong now in 10 hours Not 26hrs like it took in the 70's.
Re the comptometer it only crashed when I made a mistake, although I remember making it go wrong a few times to see the dishy repair man that called when it did

Yes Samstan, I totally agree. When I married first in the 60's, I didn't have a washing machine or a fridge. My Mother in law had both, and to have ice in a drink was fantastic. Something that today's kids see as normal !!! Things like that get overlooked and get taken for granted.

My mum had a black and white telly in the kitchen and my grandaughter who was about 9 at the time ( she'e 20 this year )rushed into her to tell her that there was something wrong as it had no colour !!!

I could go on about all the improvements but would probably get slatted by all the men on the forum, who will stick together. It's the them against us syndrome

My hubby is the worst, new tecnology, he's there !! boys and their toys eh.............


pierre Posted - 21/01/2009 : 19:58:22
10 hours to Oz, MMmmmmmmm. What rocket was you on Vall :o)

In the 70's we had the start of supersonic travel with Concorde, but that time has now ended and todays planes are slower.......but the sick bag are the same mind :o)

Sure, some things are better, faster, but not what they should be. For example, computers might have gotten smaller and faster but remember that the technology had in the 60's was equivalent only to today's kitchen appliances. More use of every k in the programming meant better, tighter computer programs.....

For the lovely picture of the comptometer, now that is a classic example. How many times did it go wrong, Crash, or loose data ?

Many of todays new technology comes from the 60's and 70's...

Right now we got more consumer greed & more people starving to death AND family fortunes in back on UK Gold......

..and our survey said..... BEEP

aussiewelshman Posted - 21/01/2009 : 08:26:47
Sent in by Forum Regular, Valll.

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