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 The murder of Sir David Amess
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Posted - 17/10/2021 :  17:44:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
As per forum member nutandboltdarlo's request i would like to address the ever-evolving after effects of the tragic murder of a much loved MP both in parliament and within his community. also, since rb2 (rhydboy2) has generously contributed to the topic and 'highlighted' my apparent prejudices. first off, i hope he/she is busy today writing to sky news, bbc news, itv news, the times and ALL the rest of televised, online sites and tabloids that covered the story of the SOMALIAN who murdered the MP (surely they showed their prejudice also by mentioning his ethnicity). then the government steps in and goes on damage control, Somalian became Somalian with british citizenship which then evolved into british born Somalian. which by the way since they have called this tragic event an act of terrorism will evolve into an act of domestic terrorism over the coming weeks. and since the government can never let a tragedy go to waste will usher in new laws that affect every single person in this country. there is already talk of MP's getting 24hr security detail (wonder which party donor's company get's that contract). now back to the murder himself, i will make a prediction. he will be transferred for psychiatric evaluation which will find that he has 'issues' and therefore unable to stand trial for those reasons.
but, maybe rb2's comments were aimed at my 'cultural enrichment' comment and if so which part of the MP's murder would anyone class as cultural enrichment?. i will mention these two events that came to attention over the last few years (not that two events can be used to condemn an entire people/race or immigration status, there are only mentioned to show how our legal system needs looking at) -
Emily Jones - (doubt anyone has ever heard of her unless you look into a search engine) was a 7 year old girl from bolton who on mothers day was in her local park with her dad waiting for her mum. after seeing her mam she rode her bike towards her and an albanian woman (for the sake of younger readers on this site i will not write the details but you can look up what happened to her). the killer was arrested and 'evaluated', the murder charge was dropped and reduced. exactly what cultural enrichment did she bring to the country and to that family?.
Amy Houston - (again just a name to 99% of you) was a 12 year old girl who was ran over by a failed iraqi asylum seeker (who was disqualified from driving), who fled the scene and left her under his wheels with her dad helpless. guess the sentence? ..... 4 months, that's right 4 months for taking a child's life. and to make matters even worse, after release he met a woman had two kids and the deportation board wanted him out of the country anyway. but the esteemed judges decided his 'human rights' would be impacted by leaving the country and as such was allowed to stay. so tell me which part of young Amy's short life was culturally enriched when her dad had to switch her life support off 3 hours after the hit and run?.
now these may be only two examples and there are many more of these that have happened. and yes, indigenous people from these shores commit much worse every single day and face the justice system and i hope they face the full force of justice. now i'm not saying every immigrant is going out committing these atrocities , but in a country where we have our own problems why are we allowing un-vetted men into the country?. instantly some of you are thinking 'un-vetted what does he know?, our government make sure everyone is checked out, it's validated by the country of origin and then interviewed based on that information'... then explain this . or even this -
now this is not a racially focused comment, just pointing out that these occurrences do happen and are a shame on this government. we have legal ways to apply for british citizenship, a process that has evolved into - get dinghy, arrive at calais and escorted by the french coast guard to uk waters, where they are met by the UK border patrol, brought on board, given a life jacket and a warm drink and then escorted to a detention center. where they are given free accommodation in a hotel, spending money and three meals a day. In the interest of parity here are some of the recent (my memory) of murders committed by people from this country - Sarah Everard was murdered by a white man, Jo Cox was murdered by a white man also Holly and Jessica (soham) were murdered by a white man. we british have had some prolific killers in our time from Peter Sutcliffe to Harold Shipman. some of those killers had multi-police forces and intelligence services looking at their cases for years before finding them, so what chance have under-staffed local community police got?. MP Jo Cox a few years ago an only a few days ago Sir David Amess have been murdered, those two tragedies will be the catalyst for law changes and MP's getting 24hr security details going forward among other things. where's our safety?, where's our armed guards?. so, two MP's deaths are enough for the government to bring in new legislation and new laws going forward. how many of these events are allowed to affect the average person before any new legislation or laws are introduced that protect the citizens of this country?. simply putting it, they allow illegals to enter the country, they send them all over this land and the locals have to deal with the issues they bring. then when a second MP is murdered we the people have to fund their security, sounds about right eh?. again you can take this however you may, i am a live and let live person and these issues will be left for our kids, grandchildren and their children to deal with in many years to come. or should i just keep quiet for the sake of diversity?, just like MP Naz Shah who ( i cut and pasted the article) -

A rising star of the Labour Party who is a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn shared a Twitter post telling sex abuse victims of the Rotherham scandal to 'shut their mouths for the good of diversity'.
It comes just days after Ms Shah, 43, penned an open letter attacking fellow Labour MP Sarah Champion for writing an article stating
'Britain had a problem with Pakistani men targeting vulnerable white girls'.
It came after Ms Shah attacked fellow Labour MP Sarah Champion, pictured, for speaking out about the Rotherham sex scandal in an open letter.

so, there you have it 1400 children were r..ed and this Mp was happy for them to shut up for the sake of diversity. again, this not one sided. we have enough crime, murders, r..pes, stabbings, assaults and countless other events taking place every single day (well before any immigrants came here) and we are importing people from wherever with whatever backgrounds. yes, some are escaping some harsh treatment from their country and for those we should do what we can. and yet others travel through other European countries on route to the Uk. so there are my 'prejudices' on show for all to see. i have no problem with anyone's colour, since the early facts of Sir David's murder reported that the man arrested was a Somalian. that is why i mentioned his background, my sarcastic comment on 'backdating his citizenship' although tongue in cheek was meant to highlight the government do not like bad publicity regarding our 'new citizens'. take care all.

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Posted - 18/10/2021 :  07:19:27 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You confirm my obsrvation. By the way, does your family have connections with Scwafa? If so good day cousin.
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Posted - 18/10/2021 :  09:54:45 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Excellent post DJHolly well said !
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