History Of Tredegar

General History

The town of Tredegar can be logically spit into several area's. Some of these area's  are :-

  • Dukestown
  • Sirhowy
  • Georgetown
  • Trefil
  • Tafarnaubach

The town is situated at the top of the "Sirhowy Valley". The first real documented evidence of a true population inhabiting the area, was in 1778 when a furnace was built in the Sirhowy area by Thomas Atkinson and William Barrow. Stone was brought from the quarries located in Trefil, and coal mined from the surrounding area's. This part of Wales was fortunate to be plentiful in raw materials required at the time.

In 1800 the Tredegar Ironworks stated to be built by Mat Monkhouse, Richard Fothergill and Samuel Homuel. The Ironworks started to expand, and more people moved into the area, and so the town of Tredegar was born.

Town Clock - Erected in the year 1858

"The clock tower is seventy-two feet high. The foundation is of masonry, on which is surmounted the cast-iron base which has four arms from each corner to a distance of sixty feet at a depth of five feet and six inches below ground level. The pillar is wholly composed of cast-iron, upon a square pediment which in turn, receives a rectangular plinth, and upon this stands a cylindrical column of smooth surface and symmetrical diameter, ornamented with suitable coping on which rests the clock surrounded with a weather vane. The plinth is inscribed on the four aspects, on the south side - Presented to the town of Tredegar from the proceeds of a bazaar promoted by the late Mrs R.P.Davis. Erected in the year 1858. On the West side is effigy of Wellington, with the legend - Wellington, England's Hero. On the North, the Royal Arms of England; and on the east, the name and description of the founder with his crest, - Charles Jordan, Iron Founder, Newport, Mon."

The clock is provided with four transparent faces or dials, each five feet three inches diameter, and was illuminated originally by gas, but this was latter changed to Electricity. The minute hand hands are each two feet two inches long, and the hour hand one foot seven inches long. The clocks mechanism is a fifteen inch mainwheel strike, with a single four-legged Gravity Escapement driving the four dials. It has a 1 1/4 second pendulum and the bob weighs two hundredweight.

(Tredegar Urban District Council's "Centenary Souvenir", 1958)



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