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So, what's all this about then I hear you cry. Well, it has come to our attention that here in the UK we have most things that you would expect a modern European country to have in the twenty-first century. A highly complicated infrastructure of telecommunications, a modern motorway network and  Welsh news presenters on the main BBC Six o'clock news just to mention a few.

But we are missing one fundamental (some say corner stone) of what is the one of the basic necessities for a man living here today in this high tech world in which we live in.

O YES, It's Your Barbers Bench ! ! !


You know the feeling. You need your hair cut. So in you go. In this example we can see a Barbers Bench that is located in Headleys Barbers in Tredegar. A Fine example purchased by The proprietor (Pete) from IKEA in Bristol. She's a thing of beauty (the table that is, not Pete). Elegantly finished off with that unmistakably Swedish right angled design. Heaven.

What makes a Barbers Bench different from say that of a similar piece of furniture in a dentist's, is the reading material "spread"  on it. Not a woman's Own in sight. A Man's Bench !


Here  you can see an example of what you expact to find on a Barbers Bench (Think I'm going to cry.......)



And in today's world, there are now only a few places left where a man can take his son(s) on a Saturday morning without the wife "tagging" along. See the picture below for an example. Barbers-Bench.co.uk



So there you have it. Please fell free to sign our guest book at the bottom of the page, and please e-mail pictures of your local Barber bench to webmaster@barbers-bench.co.uk

Headleys (fake) Web-Cam


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