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Newsletter - November 2008 In Tredegar!

Sent: 20 December 2008 22:45
Subject: December 2008 In Tredegar - Newsletter

Hi Folks,


We've decided to bring forward the release of the Tredegar Newsletter for December, so as to leave a bit of room for the coming "Tredegar 2008 - Year In Review".

December got off to a familiar, albeit gut wrenching start, with the news that Woolworths is to close. Too see the impact this national closure has on Tredegar, please click here.


This month alone, the Tredegar Online Video Page has been updated with 10 videos. To read all about it see here, or to straight to the Multimedia Page, please click here.

In yet another death in Tredegar Town, a body was found in the precinct toilets. See the media releases and the police appeals, see here.

Possible more job losses, this time with stories of people not getting paid. To catch up on all the news concerning the Desklink closure at Tafarnaubach, please click here or to see the video, please see here.


 Snow in Tredegar this year? What's your thoughts? Read the Forum Thread, here.

 The latest Tredegar Poll results have been released. Did you vote? See the results here, and read the comments here.

A great thread was started on the subject of Tredegar maps. To read the Thread, please click here, or to see the collection of maps in the Gallery, please see here


Under threat of several shovel wielding Forum Regulars, the webmaster stopped sitting down long enough to begin a new Forum Category on Gardeners and their Gardens. To see how it all began, see here as "Lilly" makes the initial request. Then "Buzz" takes over, quickly tag-teamed by "Morgan"  who takes off the gloves and introduces the shovel, here. To see the actual Gardeners Corner Category, please click here..


Forum Member "Dr Effan Johns" has sent in a unique view of a TTC Christmas Party, with a Special Guest by The Tredegar Town Clock no less! See the video and the ramifications/consequences of inferring that our Local Councillors have a sense of humour, here.


An outstanding example of the work the Tredegar Business Forum does, can be seen by viewing the video here, to read about who and what they are/do, please see the Forum Thread here.

Tredegar Round Table have generously donated a healthy sum to Action For Children. Read all about this gesture here, to see the Forum announcements, click here. For the updates on the Gallery Section, please see here.


A new Section on the work Communities First do, is available here. To view their recent brochures, please see here.

 BGCBC in just 12 months, have spent an astonishing 260,000 on self promotion. Read the Thread and see the News item here..


A fantastic video from June, 1994 has been released, showing Tredegar Comprehensive in their rehearsal for A Midsummer Nights Dream. See it, and maybe yourself, here..


11 new pictures were uploaded and are available for viewing here. To read the News Item with access to many more Gallery links, please click here.


The webcam page (or Tred-cam as we call) has been updated. Take a look how Tredegar looks right now by visiting here.


And of course Folks, we haven't forgotten...

May you and those closest to you, enjoy a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Thanks to all who contribute, and those who care.........

Your -

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