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Newsletter - January 2009 In Tredegar!

Sent: 05 March 2009 20:35
Subject: Tredegar Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2009

Hi Folks,


Welcome to another great year at Let us all hope that we see some improvement in the Town and its infrastructure.



 In carry over news from the end of 2008, we'll begin with some better news that some jobs that were threatened at Desklink have managed to be saved, and manufacturing will continue at the Tafarnaubach Estate. Please click here for all the details.


 Another Tredegar man that went on to great things is Ray Reardon. Ray won the World Snooker Championship 6 times. To see Ray with his Wife holding onto a picture of the Town Clock, please see the thread here.


 Now come on... Be honest... Who doesn't like trains? We have assembled a superb collection of pictures from an era long passed including trains and stations from Tredegar and surrounding areas. To post all your memories please see the forum thread here, or to go to the gallery category, please see here.


  Tredegar Business Forum have put many to shame with their inaugural Christmas Extravaganza. To read all about this great day, and to see a positive letter in the Gwent Gazette, please go to the thread here.


 Councillor Keith Hayden has alot to say concerning the on-going saga of "Irregular Planning Permissions" at Blaenau Gwent Council. Read all about it here.


 To to the increasing popularity and success of the website some strange and wondrous things have gone on. Please catch up on all the updates here.


 You want Pubs and Clubs? You need accommodation? We have recently updated our page and is available for viewing here. If you know of any additions or errors, please contact us.


 Our 'Titch', a forum regular and generous contributor has a photo of the Kentucky Minstrels he'd like some information on, please see the pic here. Also, 'Titch' has been kind enough to send in enough photos to qualify for his own gallery category. Please see here. Thanks Titch!


 We have been fortunate enough to receive an outstanding video of the 1995 Tredegar Carnival. To view this great piece, please see here. Special thanks.


 Blaenau Gwent Council want to switch off over 6000 street lights in an effort to save money. We ask, what price safety? To have your say on this issue that affects everyone, please click here.


 Well the Ol' Gallery at continues to grow. In another great addition we have this pic taken in 1909 of Bedwellty Pit workers. Please see here.


 For a brutally honest view of Tredegar Town - before 'n' after, please read this letter published in the Gazette. All comments are welcome. Please click here.


 Here we go again Folks. Tax-Time. We know we're in for an increase, but how do they justify Tredegar being the most expensive place in Wales to live? This is a must-see. Click here.


 Thank you, thank you, thank you! Well done Members and WebTeam. Two significant milestones were reached. 20,000 posts and 10,000 posts in less than one year! Please see here.


 More great pics in the Tredegar Online Gallery! Please click:- Shops & Business, Past & Present, Cemetery.


February 2009 In Tredegar!


 Finally! Tredegar Library has been upgraded, and refurbished and is now open! Please see here for all the news.


 The Tredegar Moose No1 Lodge has been as busy as ever. Please read all about their great efforts here.


 A play put on by Tredegar Comp. students in 1994 has been made available. To view this rendition on A Mid-Summer Nights Dream, please see here.


 Snow then? In Tredegar? In February? Please read here, and here. and here and here. Thanks to all whom contributed.


 We've updated Tredegars Famous People webpage. We really have you know... Please see here.


 The place has gone Bus mad! Thanks to forum nice guy 'Peregrine Honeydew' and 'Titch' threw in as well. Thanks to them both, please see here.


 In more bad news for the Town, the Influence shop and Blockbuster have closed. To have your say, please click here.


 On Black Friday, a black helicopter landed in the north of Tredegar. We have video proof, and a possible explanation. Click here.


 Wanna see a great game of football? Thanks to Glen for the use of the video. Please see here.


 To try and make sense of Tredegar Town Council, we have decided to open up a new forum category, devoted entirely to the Council, its clerk, members and officials. This will be an on-going work, so to catch up on what we have so far, please click here.


 More gallery updates! A big thanks to all who have, and continue to, send in pictures and photos to the site.  Please click:- Shops & Business, Past & Present, Local Business, Schools, Siloh Graveyard, Bryn Bach Park.



 In Memoriam. Tredegar has lost two good men. For News, memories and tributes, please see here and here. R.I.P.



Thanks to all who contribute and all who care.


On behalf of us all, thank you Terry.




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