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June 2008 In Tredegar...


As at June 1st 2008, 37 pictures have been added to the Tredegar Online Gallery under the category of Chapels and Churches. We now surmise that all places of worship in Tredegar have at least one picture available for viewing. To go straight to Chapels/Churches, please click Gallery - Churches & Chapels. For any feedback, corrections or contributions please email the


More Gallery news, June 2nd 2008... A new section devoted to Blaenau Gwents' Council promotion of Tredegar has been set up. All brochures, community info, etc will be scanned and uploaded here.


Tredegar Online Gallery Update! Do you have a collection of photo's of Tredegar, or pictures from one of the many events that have taken place recently or in the past? If so, send them into the and we'll post them here. We have four current Forum Members set up with a dedicated page, along with two pages devoted to the Tredegar Arts Society and Mr. Ron Gardiners work from the 70's & 80's. We feel, and we hope you agree, that the pictures online not only add to the discussions on the forum, but help complete the site by capturing history for all time. If you feel you can contribute, please send in you pics! Credit and Copyright consideration will be given upon request.


Daniel O'Hara Photos:- Has been good enough to send in a selection of pictures for all to see. Daniel's pics are quite unique, and take advantage of shadows, perspective, vanishing points, with some in the black & white medium. To view them all, please click Tredegar Online Gallery/Daniel O'Hara. For the forum announcement please see here.


Books & Videos:- Yet another category was added to the Tredegar Online Gallery on June 4th titled Books and Videos. Copyright remains with the publisher/author. For information please see the Forum Thread here, or to go straight to the Gallery, please click here.


Parc Bryn Bach online gallery! Finally, in one place for all to enjoy, Tredegars' Bryn Bach Park has its own dedicated gallery. 144 pictures so far, and constantly being updated. Many of the pictures have been sent in by members and towns folk, so if you want to see some of your photos on line, please send them into the WebTeam. To go straight to this wonderful gallery, please see here.



Tredegar Camera Club - 2008 Exhibition! Tredegar Camera Club held its annual exhibition from the 14th -28th June. For the News item, please see the News Page. For further information, please see the forum thread.


Site Statistics/Visitor Numbers:- In the month of May, your website had well over 50,000 visitors from all over the world. To see the graph detail, please click here. Well done all for helping to make the site so interesting and appealing.


As the whole world knows, Tredegars beloved Town Clock turns 150 in 2008. We have been fortunate in being able to acquire virtually all media items for posting on the site. Please click the relevent link, News Page,

Forum video, Forum Discussion.


The Rhyd Hall Pub is under new ownership! To see all information, including contact numbers for reservation etc, please click here.


Shops & Businesses in Tredegar. We have 62 photos of businesses, Govt offices, take-aways & shops in and around Tredegar in a dedicated gallery. Please see the Forum Thread for information. The promotion of any/all legitimate business in Tredegar is a free service provided by, so if you, or someone you know own a business in Town and would like to advertise it, please contact the WebTeam.


The Nine Arches. As recognizable as The Town Clock, the Nine Arches viaduct is a must see item during a trip through the Valleys in South Wales. To see a recent video, and to read all the news, including the opening of a new bicycle track, please go straight to the Forum Thread, and to view the 29 superb pictures we have on this Grade II Listed Structure, please go to the Nine Arches Gallery. A recent addition is a beautiful painting.


The Mile Field:- 21 new photos have been uploaded of The Mile Field in the Tredegar Online Gallery. To view the Forum announcement please click here, or go straight to the Town Photos Category of the Gallery.


Visitor Numbers, January - June 2008:- To see the real interest people all over the world have in the great town of Tredegar, please see here. Just under 250,000 visitors for the first half of 2008 is something that everyone should be proud of. A big thankyou from The WebTeam to all of you.


July 2008 In Tredegar...


Tredegar Cholera Cemetery. Forum Member Bryan Rendell has achieved what BGCBC and numerous others have not been able to. He did it in a matter of months, whilst Councils and other Heritage Organisations etc were busy claiming the credit. For access to the initial media article, please click Bryan Rendell - South Wales Argus. To see Bryans initial contact with that brought the issue to everyones' attention, please see News July 2007 - Archive. To read the full story on Bryans great work, please see the 7 page Forum Thread. Please click the following link to read the news about the formation of the Cholera Cemetery Online Gallery. To see the video of the Remembrance/Dedication Service, please click Cholera Cemetery - Dedication Service video. To go straight to the conclusion of Bryans work, please click here. To view the excellent pictures sent in by Forum Member G.Price, please click This page is being continually updated, and now has more pictures sent in by Bryan Rendell, videos, links and Remembrance Service notifications etc. On behalf of everyone, the website extends a warm and generous thank you to Bryan Rendell.


New Forum Category - Tredegar Jokes & Humour! Under the Forum sub-section of Groups/Societies/Clubs, a new category for jokes and humour has been added. Please place all your clean (???) jokes etc here.


New Gallery! Bryan Rendell has been kind enough to submit 13 photos of historical interest concerning Tredegar. To see his Gallery and to read the interesting trivia he has put together please see the Forum Thread. Bryan has also included some very interesting information on the War Memorial in Bedwellty Park.


Another New Gallery! This one by Forum Member G. Price, has 47 beautiful pics taken by himself all around Tredegar. To view this wonderful selection, please see Gallery - Local Clubs & Individuals - Gareth Price. Genuine thanks to Gareth for taking the time to send in the pics and allowing us to show them to the world.


Welsh News - Tredegar. With one in four households officially living below the poverty line in rural Wales, ITV have put together a news item outlining the details of the Assembly Government Committee report into Rural Poverty in Wales. To view the video on Tredegar, please see here.


Ron Gardiner - Gallery:- A dedicated gallery page has been set up showing pictures from the 1970's & 80's of Bedwellty Park. A big thanks must go to Lillian Gardiner for supplying the photos. To view all 56 pictures, please see Gallery - Clubs & Individuals - Ron Gardiner.


Aerial Photography Of Tredegar!  Some truly breath taking shots from high above Tredegar Town. Read all about it on the Forum Thread, or go straight to the Gallery and see this great town from a different perspective. 17 pictures in all including The Circle, Bevan Stones, Bedwellty House, Cefn Pond and many more!


Bedwellty Park - 1992 Video. The second video taken in November 1992 has gone live on line! To view this fascinating video, please go straight to the Forum Thread. To appreciate all the multimedia items available on the site, please click On this page you will also find the matching Bedwellty Park video taken in May 1992.


Sirhowy Inn/Goldmine demolished! After 166 years of existence, this pub built in 1842 has been turned into dust and rubble. Whilst perhaps not the prettiest pub in the area, the history contained therein would be astonishing. To see before and after photos taken the day of the demolition, and to read what folks have to say, please see the Forum Thread. If you have any old pictures or stories on this or any of Tredegars' Pubs, please contact the WebTeam.


Attention All Members & Friends!

Do you have any pictures, photos. video, trivia, news etc that you would like to contribute? Please send in anything and everything (not your washing) to the email address. Please advise any concerns, requests or stipulations and we shall do our best to accommodate them.

Also, we value your feedback concerning any aspect of Tredegar or the website. Please forward them to us.


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