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Newsletter - October  2008 In Tredegar!

Sent: 09 November 2008 09:46
Subject: October 2008 In Tredegar - Newsletter

October was an extremely busy month for the town of Tredegar, as our first News Page item clearly shows...


The visitor statistics are through the roof and off the grid! Just under 40,000 visitors in 31 days! A big thank you to our forum regulars and not so regular for contributions and visits. To see all the site statistics for October, please click here.


 We got this online as soon as we saw it. Abseil The Nine Arch For Charity! To view the article, or to tell us of anyone you know crazy enough to do it, please click here.


 Peacehaven seems an issue far from being resolved. To keep up with what's going on, several threads have been dedicated. Please see here and here for more information.


 The world famous Tredegar Orpheus are proudly celebrating 100 years of making music and song. To see all the event dates for 2009, please see here. To read further, please see here and a special word from Rob Davies the Choir Compere, please click here.


 Tredegars Rejuvenation is something that means alot to us all. A series of "drop in" sessions have been organised at Catapult for people to have their say. To see the times and dates please click here.


 The Feeling Good Project has come to Town. Based around walking and cycling, this exciting project has alot to offer. To see all the Feeling Good news and great offers, please click here and here.


 Horace Davies was born and bred in Tredegar, during the years 1921 - 1935. In this special personal presentation, he allows us to view this special story. Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


 Tredegar Towns' very own Public Relations thread! To keep up with all the events and shows please click here. If you have anything you would like to advertise, please email us the details and any attachments to


 Geith Manufacturing is following a disturbing trend in Tredegar, and closing down. 47 jobs to go. To read the items on this, please see here.


 Allegations of "staff bullying staff" have emerged at Tredegar Comprehensive School. To read the account from those involved, and to read the official judgement, please see here.


 Finally, Tredegar has a start date on the works to take place on Bedwellty House and Park. Catch up on all the news here and to read the background please click here.


 The Mayor and the Raffle. TTC claim no laws have been broken. You really must read this one.... here.


 A call has gone out for help in organising and staging the 2009 Tredegar Carnival. Can you help? Please see here.


 Tredegar Town Band at the Garden Festival Of Wales in 1992! Watch the video here.


 The Tredegar Online Gallery continues to grow in size and popularity. We have loads of updates, and we means loads! Please click on the link to take you straight to the gallery:- Town Clock, Shops and Business, Shopping Centre, Adverts from Tredegars past, Dukestown Cemetery.


 Tredegar Town Council are under investigation by the Information Commissioners Office. To read the hows and whys, please click here.


 After years and years, has had a facelift. To see the new Homepage, please click here.



Thanks to all those who contribute... (Keep um coming!)


..And those to care.  (Keep caring!)



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