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Newsletter - April 2008 In Tredegar!

Sent: 03 May 2008 14:00
Subject: Newsletter - April 2008 In Tredegar!

Hi !


April has been an incredibly busy month for the town of Tredegar.


Elections taking place on May 1st, more news on the Bryn Bach traffic issue, the new Boxing Club, The Tredegar Quiz wizards, and so much more. One of the more prevalent issues, is Tredegar Town Council and its role, if any in the 21st century.




Your website, achieved an astounding feat in March. Just below 2.5 million hits! Almost 80,000 hits per day! Over 1,000 visitors each day! Please click here for all last months

site statistics.

A BIG thank you, from the WebTeam, to all.



Tredegar Ironsides Ladies  RFC on April presented a "Feast Of Ladies Rugby" in support of the Tredegar Mayoral Appeal for breast cancer. Please click here for more information.


Trish Law was good enough to make time to respond to a request on behalf of the website. In an honest an open letter, she provides us with some fascinating insights.


Please see:-  Trish Law - Letter to local resident.


Tredegar welcomed another famous guest with Roy Noble hosting his radio show in town. Please see here.


A new feature we're excited about, and judging by the response, so are many of you, is our Online Polls. This months Poll is about how you will cast your vote in the election. This poll will be replaced very soon, so stay tuned and see here for all details.


Another new feature that everyone can use is the ability to now post any online video. For an example, and all the information you need, please see here.




Forum Member Sailor, aka Doug, has once again shown what difference one person can make. Please see here for a general background, or go straight to the forum thread to see the letter from Deputy First Minister - Mr. Ieuan Wyn Jones and the on going controversy...


Thanks to all of you, and countess others whom view the site, broke a record. For the first quarter of 2008, 95,100 visitors. 6.5 million hits. Again, thank you.





A brilliant BBC documentary on Tredegar has been placed on the site. To view it, please click here. There are 4 videos in all, each around 10 minutes long.





Also!! Two new Forums have been introduced. Please see here to see the great work by Forum Members Paulw & Cae. 


And news just in on a new Community Computer Club starting in Tredegar. See here for more details!


Thanks to all who care, and those that contribute.






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