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Newsletter - August / September  2008 In Tredegar!

Sent: 28 September 2008 18:43
Subject: Newsletter for August/September 20008 for Tredegar, South Wales, UK.....

A busy two months have come and gone, Christmas is just around the corner!  :o)





 The month got off to a fine start, with forum regular "Darryl", sending some truly spectacular pictures from around Tredegar Town, including the Stone Circle around Parc Bryn Bach. Please click here to read the forum thread, or here to go straight to the Gallery. Thanks again to Darryl.


 We are delighted in helping out our world famous Tredegar Orpheus Male Voice Choir, but having them host their web-site under The forum announcement is available here, or to go straight to the Orpheus' Page please click here.


  The Sirhowy Pub has been demolished. To see the video of the destruction of this landmark Inn, originally opened in 1842, please click here.


  The Whitworth Colliery stack was demolished in 1939. With a special thanks to B.Davies, we are able to bring you this amazing video here.




(Please click the name of each video to take you straight to it)


Tredegar Youth Band 1992 - Garden Festival


Trefil Youth Vs Tondu Youth Esso Cup 1990 


The Felling of Whitworth Colliery Stack in 1939


Tredegar Town Football - 1990 Cup Final


VJ Celebrations -Street Party - Aug 1995





  Tredegar Thespian Players staged a superb rendition of J.B. Priestleys,  "An Inspector Calls". Directed by Mary Evans, the play ran from the 4th to the 6th of September. To read the News Item, please click here, or to read all the news and reviews and an article in the Gazette, please click here. Thanks to forum regular "Cae" for all the updates.


  The development at Peacehaven and the controversy it brings, is making news again. To see the flooding that took place this month on the land, and to catch up on the latest developments, please see here, and to read all about the Council Meeting in Ebbw Vale and pictures of the protest that took place, please click here. A big thank you to forum regulars "Sarand", "Vicky" and "Sean" for keeping the news rolling in.


  Babs Horton an award winning author from Tredegar made an appearance twice in September on the website. To see her message in the Guestbook, please click here and to see the relevent forum thread brought to our attention by forum regular "Morgan", please click here.


  Our popular On Line Poll has been updated with a new subject:- "Blaenau-Gwent Councilors get a basic salary of just over 12,000 per year. What are your views on this?" To take part in the poll, just visit any page on the website.


  Tredegar Walking Carnival finally took place on Sunday, September 21st, in glorious Tredegar sunshine! To read all the news, including the entire rescheduling, and to see a great video, please click here. To see some spectacular pics of the Carnival by forum regular "Panda", please click here and here. Thanks to "Panda".


Breaking News!!!!

There is a brewing controversy about the way the raffle was conducted at the Tredegar Carnival. To read all about it, including Mayor John Morgan & Tredegar Town Councils possible involvement, please see here.


  A letter, that could easily be taken as threatening, has been received from Tredegar Town Council, per the town clerk. To view the next chapter in this on going saga, please click here, and to view the whole story, please see here.




On the 9th of September, a new section on Tredegar Town Council went on line. To view the forum announcement, please click here, to view the new section, including the White Paper put together by the WebTeam, please see here.


On the 11th of September, an article appeared in the Gwent Gazette, relating to the delays/rescheduling of the Tredegar Walking Carnival. To see the article in its entirety, please click here.




Tredegar, 1918:-

Part 1 Early Tredegar,

Part 2 Early Tredegar,

Part 3 Tank Appeal,

Part 4 Baby Show Bedwellty Park.


Tredegar Walking Carnival 



A :o) to all those that send in regular News Items.... Keep um coming!

Thanks to all who contribute, and those who care.




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