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March 2008 Newsletter

Sent: 29 March 2008 18:04
Subject: - March 2008 Newsletter



Another busy month has gone by in Tredegar. The Members have been busy, and the forum certainly shows it. 


A new Forum Topic, 'Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council' came to be, on the 5th of March. Catch up on all the News, concerning Council Tax and Elections here:- BGCBC - Topics.



Further on the issue of Council Tax, despite assurances that local tax rates would not rise above 5%, it has been calculated TTC's rate of tax has increased by a whopping 9.2%! For more information, including up to date graphs showing the rate of tax increase over the years, please see here:- 2007-2008 Council Tax Breakdown & TTC - Tax Hike.



Local post office closures is still in the news and causing concern. It would seem Tredegar is to lose two, Gerogetown and Dukestown. Although no firm dates have been announced, it is accepted that April 15th will see the beginning of the closures. Read it all here:- Post Office Closures.




Tredegar Quiz Wizards starts this Wednesday March 25th! Interest has been expressed in forming a Forum Team. If you would be interested, please see here:- Tredegar Quiz Wizards


GREAT NEWS!!! - Two of our forum regulars have had great success in their campaigns for improvement around Tredegar.



Forum regular Bryan, has secured not only fencing and preservation, but a secure future for the Cholera Cemetery. Read about his incredible success here:- Cholera Cemetery




Another forum regular Sailor, brought to our attention a potentially deadly issue concerning traffic outside Bryn Bach Primary. For background please see here:- A465/HGV/Bryn Bach Primary

For all up to date news, and some great success, see the forum thread here:- Relief Road - Tafarnaubach



To continue the positive note, a new gallery has been added to the rapidly expanding website. Titled Top Of Valley, it shows the majesty and beauty of this unique valley. To view all the pictures, and see the video, please click here:- Top Of Valley

Also, many of our Members have sent in a great deal of photos lately. To see a great selection of Tredegar - Past & Present, please click here:- Forum Pictures


WebTeam Request!


As you are all aware, Tredegar has 23 Grade II Listed buildings and structures. Some, if not most are in a terrible state. The Worlds Largest Lump Of Coal is in shocking condition. If you have any pictures at all, old or new of the below, and don't mind them being used in a preservation campaign, please forward them to Please notify us of any Copyright or Author Credit notations.


Former Tredegar Company Shop, St George’s Church, Boundary walls, gates and railings at St George’s  Church, Christina Louise Nursing Home (aka Central Surgery), Bedwellty House, Boundary Stone at Bedwellty House, Ice House to NW of Bedwellty House, Great Exhibition Lump of Coal at Bedwellty Park, Bandstand at Bedwellty Park, War Memorial at Bedwellty Park, N.C.B. Club, The Town Clock, Harcourt Terrace Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, schoolroom and railings, Saron Congregational Chapel, including attached schoolroom, Front Walls and railings at Saron Congregational Chapel, Milgatw, Agricultural Range at Milgatw, Nine-arch Viaduct, Sirhowy Ironworks, Former Tramroad Bridge over Sirhowy River, Ironworks Boundary Stone, The Fountain Inn, Stables and Barn at the Fountain Inn.


Thanks to all who contribute and those who care.




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