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Newsletter - May 2008 In Tredegar!

Sent: 01 June 2008 11:27
Subject: Newsletter - May 2008 In Tredegar

Breaking News! Communities First have approached, asking for the Towns Folk input on a detailed questionnaire. We have been advised that the results must be collected by Monday, June 16th. For the chance to have your say, please see Don't miss out on your chance! Your idea may be one they need! Please forward the link to all your friends, and allow them to have their input too!



The month of May saw extraordinary election results in Blaenau Gwent. The Labour strong hold has been given over to Independents. The unopposed Tredegar Town Council, saw no changes.

For all election results, please see here. To see what the forum has to say, please click here.



We gained permission from BBC Radio Wales, to post Roy Nobles' show on the site. Please see here, to give it a listen. Thanks to Charlotte and BBC Radio Wales for their continued support.



The WebTeam are pleased to announce an entirely new Gallery. All the pictures from the various old galleries, and quite a few new ones have been uploaded and are available for viewing here.



On May 11th, your reached another amazing milestone. 107 active users! During the month of May, we had 59’444 visitors from all over the world. Thanks from us, to all of you.



Now there has, in the past, been rumours of Tredegar people being mad. (Please see here) These rumours may have been confirmed. Please see here and here to make up your own mind.



On May 24th, the first play by the Tredegar Thespians was performed. A delightful comedy by Frank Vickery. Please see here, or to go straight to the Little Theatre website, please click here.





The Moose International - Tredegar Lodge No 1, forum is up and running. To read about the history, please see here, and to see the latest news, please see here.


Tredegar Carnival Video is no on line! To see all 4 parts, click here.


Jones The Spy! - Actual Video!


More Carnival action, this time from 1994. Please see here.


A new category has been added to the Tredegar On Line Gallery. Titled Shops & Businesses, for a viewing, please see here.


More Gallery News! We now have well over 750 photos in the Tredegar On Line Gallery! That's alot of double clicking folks.  ;-)


We unfortunately report, that the Tredegar Town Clock is still in the news. Please see here, for the latest correspondence.



Thanks go to all who contribute, and those who care.






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