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Current Pubs & Clubs

So you fancy a night out in Tredegar ? 

Well here is the place to look for all the pubs and clubs in the town. Also at the bottom you will find entries for accommodation.

Looking for some information on old pubs from Tredegar, then see below. Thanks for "George".

George said :
"I have the original in its original frame, (with about 30 years of accumulated nicotine grime) but it is now quite faded. I believe it hung on the wall of either the Black Prince or the Talbot. As near as I can calculate (from the pubs I remember been actually licensed and in operation) it would probably have been created about 1930. Two pubs that I recall being licensed and in  use but are not mentioned in the text were The Free Masons Vaults on Coronation St, (the Free Mason Arms was on Castle St) and the Castle Tap, which was on Salisbury St."


Pub Name / Address Phone Number Comments Picture
The Fir Tree Inn
Poplar Rd
Tredegar Gwent NP2 4LH
Tel: 01495 718479 Opened July 1978
Bush Hotel
Park Row
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3NG

Tel: 01495 724145

Home Of "Tredegar Ironsides" since 2001. Free Saturday night entertainment.
2nd cheapest pint of Strongbow in the town ;-)

The Bush - Home of "Tredegar Ironsides"
Belle Vue Inn
10, Scwrfa Rd Scwrfa
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4AZ
Tel: 01495 722014 Good pub, that's now selling meals on a  Tuesday & Thursday for £1.50 !

See here for more info !

The Tredegar Arms
Morgan St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3NA

01495 723999.

To see an old diagram of the T.A. prior 1986, click here


Tel: N/A

Was The Coach House 

Open 1810


The Crown Inn
Ashvale Nanty Bwch
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4AQ
Tel: 01495 722176 Open 1858


  Formally know as:

The Queens Ballroom
(Require Dates)

(1987-1989) Aprox.

 (1990-1992) Aprox.

see here for details

Mountain Air Inn
Llwynhelyg Nantybwch
Tredegar Gwent
NP22 3SD
Tel: 01495 723116  


Open 1903

The George
Mount St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3QL





Demolished 22 July 2007 



Coach & Horses
Charles St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4AE
Tel: 01495 722414  
The Castle Hotel
Castle St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3DF
Tel: 01495 723156 open 1803 rebuilt 1899
Nags Head Inn
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3AP
Tel: 01495 722867 Open 1872
The Sirhowy / Goldmine
Beaufort Rd
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4NT


Demolished 30 July 2008 




See here for details

Tafarn Ty-Uchaf
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4HG
Tel: 01495 717690 The Top-House. Small, but great food :-)
Rhyd Hall
The Rhyd
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4LY
Tel: 01495 722615 Good place to eat.
New owners from February 2008
Tredegar Snooker Hall
Park Place
Tredegar Gwent NP22 
Tel: 01495 717838 Has  seven full size tables. Good bar.
The Inn Place
33, Market St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3NF
Tel: 01495 711848

Formally knows as:

Old Country Working Men's Club & Institute Ltd

Morgan Evans Social Club
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3BB
Tel: 01495 722643  
Tredegar Constitutional Club
Church St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3DP
Tel: 01495 722307  
Bedwellty Park Bowls Club
1-2, Lower Salisbury St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3PT
Tel: 01495 717758  
Moose International
Moose Hall, Coronation St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3JE
Tel: 01495 717107 See the Tredegar Moose Forum section here.
Trefil Rugby Welfare Club
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4HG
Tel: 01495 718113  
Dukestown Workmans Club & Institute
1, Evans Terrace Dukestown
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4EH
Tel: 01495 717279 Update Aug 2008

Please see here for information and new photos.

The Fern A.F.C Sports & Social Club Ltd
Mount St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3QL
Tel: 01495 722485  
Ashvale Sports Club
Griffiths Gardens
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3HQ
Tel: 01495 722189 This club now goes by another name. Christ know what it is this week :-)
The Glamorgan Tap
Club Row Dukestown
Tredegar Gwent
NP22 4DW

Tel: 01495 723161 Was the Royal Oak

Open 1835

Tredegar Rugby Club    
NCB   This is the old town hall.





DCP_5423.JPG (11599 bytes)
Tredegar Ironsides Sports & Social Club
Queen Victoria St
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3QA
Tel: 01495 722826  


Tredegar County Club & Institute
36, Lower Coronation St
Tredegar Gwent
NP22 3JF

Tel: 01495 722332 Know as the
"New County"
new county

Mountain Ash Inn 
(Halfway House)

Abertysswg Road


Tel: 01495 724592 Great food.

The Willows
Church Street




On Monday they have a very successful
sing along with a tote, raffle, quiz etc. their intention is to have something
every night, for all ages

The Willows

And where to stay ?

The Railway Tavern
Beaufort Rd Sirhowy
Tredegar Gwent NP22 4
Tel: 01495 722616  

Offers Accommodation . 

Click for large image.

Open 1903

Ye Old Red Lion
97 Queen Victoria Street
Tel: 01495 723197 Offers Accommodation . 

Roseland House
Dukestown Road, Tredegar, 
NP22 4RE
Tel: 01495 722040 Offers Accommodation .

Please e-mail:

The Cambrian Hotel
The Circle
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3PS
Tel: 01495 711107 open 1810
Prince of Wales Inn
Tredegar Gwent NP22 3AE
Tel: 01685 844441 Offers Accommodation .

Please e-mail:

3 star Accommodation


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