8th February 2001

Edition 1

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The true story of the most dramatic "Greenfield Startup" failure in British manufacturing history


At the time it was thought to be the largest venture-capital backed Greenfield manufacturing startup in British History. In 1993 one man raised over 35 million pounds form the City of London to build a new manufacturing plant in Wales. Over the next 8 years the plant was built, started production, went into receivership three times (some say twice...), and finally was shut down for the final time. We lived through the madness, and thought that we should commit our memories to a web page, for posterity. If you invested in Tech Board, supplied equipment to Tech Board, or even worked for Tech Board, we hope you’ll find something that brings back a happy (?) memory. If you’re in our (Where are they now?)  section (or if we have missed you out, Sorry) please drop us a mail and let us know what you’re doing.

Any other Tech Board stories always gratefully received.



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