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June 21, 2002

The Tech-Board Story (Stranger then fiction)logo-1.gif (3928 bytes)

The true story of the most dramatic "Greenfield Startup" failure in British manufacturing history


At the time it was thought to be the largest venture-capital backed Greenfield manufacturing startup in British History. In 1993 one man raised over 35 million pounds form the City of London to build a new manufacturing plant in Wales. Over the next 8 years the plant was built, started production, went into receivership three times (some say twice...), and finally was shut down for the final time. We lived through the madness, and thought that we should commit our memories to a web page, for posterity. If you invested in Tech Board, supplied equipment to Tech Board, or even worked for Tech Board, we hope you’ll find something that brings back a happy (?) memory. If you’re in our (Where are they now?)  section (or if we have missed you out, Sorry) please drop us a mail and let us know what you’re doing.

Any other Tech Board stories always gratefully received.


Guy & Pierre

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Latest News - 21 June 2002

Tech Board Top Tip

If you're about to leave a company, and you hate your colleagues, why not employ as many mad, stupid people as possible in your last few days with the company - let your retaliation live beyond your time.


We're currently putting together a picture of who held the most senior jobs at which time during the life of Tech-Board. We'll give you who held which jobs when, and you've got to tell us which changes in post were the result of the employee leaving by their own accord, and which employees left as part of a conspiracy theory. The winner receives the last remaining Tech-Board "crew" jacket. This competition depends on the holders of those posts writing to us to let us know if they went, or if they were pushed - so - senior tech-board management - get writing now!

Old news archive......


Enron have called in the receivers. This is big news on it's own, but did you know that the chairman of Enron Europe was also the old chairman of Tech-Board, none other then Mr. Ralph Hodge.

Mr Ralph Hodge, who was the ex chairman of Tech-Board AND Enron Europe!

Socialist Worker has written this about Enron Europe :-
"Enron is a US firm which has donated to New Labour for the past three
years. Its top man in Europe, Ralph Hodge, was given a CBE in the New Year's Honours list. Hodge said he would use "any channel" to overturn Labour's support for a moratorium on new gas-fired power stations. Enron was initially allowed exemptions, and now New Labour has junked the policy." Click here for this report in full.

Also more news here

 The Rumour Mill -Latest News - 27 September 2001

Power Station Battle Goes On

Rassau tenants and residents association say they are among thousands who have lodged objections to the Enron gas power station with the Department of Trade and Industry. The  residents have battled against plans for the power station since 1998, when the idea was first suggested. See here where the Tech-Board link comes in....

Click here, bad news for Enron

 The Rumour Mill Old News ! - June 1st 2001

Several companies have been looking at taking the plant over. One from Russia, and the other from Australia. Apparently the firm from Australia look like they might go for it !! Watch this space !!! 

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This site is meant to be a look back at a moment in time. It's not our intention to misrepresent anybody or any event, but our memories do fail us from time to time. If you would like to see any details corrected, removed, or if you'd like to add any more Tech-Board stories please write to us and we'll do it as soon as possible.

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