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Tredegar Timeline

The Tredegar Timeline allows you to visually see time-based events that shaped the town of Tredegar, South Wales, UK. The Timeline currently spans 234 years from the mid 18th century to 2010. The timeline maps over 1'500 events in the town history via standard text, pictures, video, and discussions on the Tredegar Forum. It has taken many months to create the timeline in the format you see it today. You are encouraged to correct any errors or inconsistencies you might find in the Tredegar Timeline project. Every step has been taken to ensure that the timeline data is accurate, but with the large span in years associated with such historic events, along with events being recorded with different information (ie, dates), this cannot be 100% guaranteed.

The Tredegar Timeline includes such aspects as:

  • Business and Organisations that have been here and ones that are still here and to new businesses.

  • Services in the town such as the Police, Fire, Ambulance (Health).

  • People that have been recognised or have came from Tredegar including father of the NHS, Aneurin Bevan.

  • Education such as the Grammar School and Bridge Block.

  • Buildings and places in Tredegar that have been erected, re-built, demolished or converted.

  • Pubs and Clubs in Tredegar that have been built, demolished or converted.

  • Many other aspects of Tredegar such as Recreation, Mining, Railways, Tourism, Industries, Social Establishments, Cinemas, Health, Shops and Businesses, Organisations, Music, Choirs, Religious Buildings, Religion, Education, Government Services and much, much more.

The Tredegar Timeline is a project designed, hosted and implemented by the Tredegar website ( For more information on the site, please see here.

To see a news report on the Tredegar Timeline Project, please click  here .

Documentation / Multimedia

  • A section exists in the main website on the history of the town and is available here.

  • Family history regarding the town of Tredegar can be found is the Genealogy section of the main website / forum here and here.

  • All Video content (and more) for Tredegar, can be found on the main website here.

  • All picture content (and more) for Tredegar, can be found on the main gallery on the website here.

  • A full detailed map of the town of Tredegar in High Definition from 1878 can be found here.

Feedback / Contribute

  • Send questions/comments/ideas/discussions/etc. to our webmaster here.

  • View and add enhancement ideas / bugs / issues in our issue tracker (registration required).


The main resources for the information in the Tredegar Timeline come from the following resources :-

  • Eiddil Gwent's "History of Tredegar" . Please see here for more information. Eiddil also appears in the Tredegar Timeline.

  • Powell's History of Tredegar. A book issued originally in 1902. A vital resource of history of the town.

  • The various written material by Oliver Jones, who again appears in the Tredegar Timeline, and was the first president of the Tredegar Historic Society.

The biggest credit for the creation of the Tredegar Timeline must go to the members, contributors and members of the webteam of the website. Without their help, information and passion shown for the town of Tredegar (for both historic and current issues), the Tredegar timeline and indeed the main website would not exists and a lot of events in the history of the town would be lost forever.


You can search the Tredegar timeline for any topic by clicking here. The search utility will first search the timeline database, then it will also search the Tredegar Forum for the same topic, so you can follow any conversation on the topic you are looking for. Anybody can view the Tredegar Forum, but you must register to start a new topic, or comment on an exist topic. Registration is free, and only takes a few seconds to complete. Please click here for details.


Pan the timeline by dragging it horizontally or using your mouse-wheel. Click on an event icon as per the key below to see the event.
The timeline works with all standard browsers, but results viewing the timeline with a phone browser can give incorrect results. Please maximise your browser window, and place the bottom of the timeline on the bottom of your screen. If using Internet Explorer, please place your mouse pointer in the info bubble when scrolling up the screen, otherwise the info bubble will disapear.

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