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Critical Traffic Issue At Bryn-Bach School

We Urgently Need you help to Stop a Child from being injured, or Worst ! 

Report by Doug Harris

UPDATE 30th March 2008

The traffic issues at Bryn-Bach school has hit the main news in Wales. Please click below to see !



In 1994 plans were being drawn up for the dualling of the Dowlais to Tredegar A465 .The residents of Bryn Rhosyn a small bungalow estate which is situated between the A465 and Merthyr were very concerned about the possible loss of their properties, many objections were put forward about the route the New road would take, I understand that Blaenau Gwent Council submitted plans for the A465 to pass North of the Tafaunabach Industrial Estate. However the Secretary of State for Wales confirmed in 1995 that the route was to follow the old road.
Road Junctions, Flyovers, and Bridges were planned along this route, residents from Pricetown raised queries over the Vehicular access to Tafaunabach Industrial Estate, the Welsh Office replied that It is not considered appropriate to provide an additional access for the Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate to the new road, the welsh Office paid scant regard to parents conveying their children to Bryn Bach school, or to those children walking to school  alongside a very busy road used by HGVs to convey goods to and fro from the Industrial Estate.
Over a number of years the HGV traffic has increased, the head teacher of Bryn Bach school complained about the speed of the traffic along Merthyr Road, so speed bumps and chicanes were introduced, to my thinking a very dangerous construction, I began to notice the noise more at night time, as a result I complained to the Highways department, but to no avail. One morning I went out to film and record these HGVs going over the speed bumps, on looking down the road towards the school I was able to see HGVs mounting the pavement whilst children were walking to school.
I contacted the Head Master of the school and requested that I be able to film near to the school, this I did over a period of three days before the summer holidays and three days after. By this time all the parents were in support of what I was doing. I contacted the Highways councillor, he showed no interest what so ever, then Councillor Brian Thomas took interest and has supported me throughout. Support also came from Trish Law AM, Dai Davis MP, Mohammad Asghar AM for South East Newport, together with councillors from Oakdale and Caerphilly.
As a result of the AM,s getting involved a meeting was held on the over bridge of the A465 near Bryn Bach Park with Ieuan Wyn Jones Deputy Minister, he was able to see for himself the amount of HGV,s using the Merthyr road to gain access to the Tafaunabach Industrial Estate. I was able to point out where slip roads could be put in off the A465; these proposals were rejected on the grounds, Wrong Gradient, to close to next inter section. A further meeting was to take place at the Welsh Assembly offices.
Click on the centre play button image to view film
again, click on the centre play buttonimage to see film
On Wednesday 16th January a meeting was held chaired by Ieaun Wyn Jones. Documents were produced. Capita Symonds had been commissioned by the Welsh Assembly to carry out a feasibility study on slip roads; this must have cost Thousands of pounds to produce as stated in my last report

We must now await a report from Mr. John Parsons of Blaenau Gwent Council before another meeting can be called.  
                                                                                     Doug Harris  

Download a copy of the letter sent to Director Of Transport Wales here


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