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Newsletter Number I - 2001


May , 2001
Volume I, Issue 1
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To Tredegar Newsletter Members:

Welcome to the first Tredegar newsletter !!

We have received over 25'000 visits to the Tredegar home page over the last five years, and we are now going to publish a newsletter hopefully every quarter, or when every we can justify a major update to the site.


If you want to advertise, please e-mail the webmaster here.

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Tredegar recently appeared in a short ten-minute documentary show on BBC Choice Wales. The Series called "From the Valleys" looks at towns in South Wales. The program shows the town as it is today, and it’s a must if you want to see what the people of Tredegar are up to in the twenty-first century!



You can now get hold of your own copy of "From The Valleys" on CD-ROM. To order your copy, just send an e-mail to the webmaster. It is recommended that when you receive your CD, that you copy the video file to your hard disk and play it back from there to get the best payback quality. We have now also go CD Video of the new by-pass. The cost to you will be nothing, but please be patient as it  may take a few weeks to get to you (longer if you live outside the UK...)  - 

Sorry, the CD-ROM is longer available.



We are completely  updating the gallery section of the website, but see below for some of the latest pictures :-)

Dcp_1274.jpg (10228 bytes) This used to be the entrance to the bus station, but now it's the only way into the Car park. Strange as it may sound, some of the bus companies have stopped using this route because they are having problem navigating the tunnel. Strange .....
Dcp_1281.jpg (11563 bytes) Nope, it's not a error,, this is the Tredegar business park ! It is to be found on the old NCB site, just below the main shopping center.
Dcp_1280.jpg (12365 bytes) .....and this is what is (currently) on it. If you ask me this could be transformed into a cinema or bowling place. Anybody interested at looking at this or any other idea, e-mail me here.
Dcp_1288.jpg (9869 bytes) This was where sirhowy bridge used to be. We will have a photo of the same location 50 years ago in the history section in the next few weeks.
Dcp_1332.jpg (9918 bytes) This is where the open air bath's were located, in the town park. They were knocked down in the 80's to be replaced by what seams a skate area (?), and a field.
Dcp_1314.jpg (16785 bytes) ..and she's still there :-)
Dcp_1306.jpg (33538 bytes) New gates have been placed in the center of town to stop vandalism.
Dcp_1308.jpg (13211 bytes) The other gates. See "Tredegar Iron & Coal Company" running along the top.
Dcp_1318.jpg (15176 bytes) Where did those clouds come from....



We have extensively updated this section, as we thought the existing section left a lot to be desired. The new section will be available for the next newsletter.



We have now moved the web-site to a new server, and all links to old pages (e.g. will be shut down in the next few weeks, so please make sure that your bookmark for the site is up to date.

Do you own a shop, business, or are a member of a club in Tredegar ? If so then you can get your own web-page set up for no cost at all. Simply e-mail the webmaster, and before you know it you will be up and running. Your web address will be something like We have already started work on the Tredegar Bows Club site. More to follow……….

Headley's the barber shop at the top of town is now on-line. Go to http://www./

What else do you want?

If you think the web-site can be improved in anyway, please contact us by sending e-mail to

Bye for now (or is it ta tar….)



All the information contained on the internet site (and this newsletter) remains the property of P.Topping, unless otherwise stated. "From the valleys" remains the property of the BBC, and shall not be sold or copied for profit.


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