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Below you can see our new  live Webcam of Tredegar (or Tred-Cam as I call it.....) The image is updated every minute, so press the reload button in your browser to get it right up to date. Right now you are looking at an image from Dukestown situated in the north of the town and its pointing down the valley. 



About the Tred-Cam

The camera being used to capture the image of the town is a CCTV Sony 380TVL, that has a 3.5-60mm varifocal direct lens attached.

The camera is located in a headed CCTV case, and apart from a spring clean (which involves the webmaster going up a ladder, so that's only going to happen once a year..), the systems works very well.



July View

July Image.

February View

November View

November Night time Image

September View

December View

December Image


e-mail us! If you want to add your web-cam to this page, please e-mail the webmaster opposite.

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