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Tredegar Town Council came into existence in 1974, from the remnants of Tredegar Urban District Council, abolished in the same year. Its headquarters are located in Bedwellty House within Bedwellty Park (Tredegar Town Council do not own this building, it belongs to Blaenau-Gwent Council, the main authority in the area ) . Bedwellty House is a Grade II listed building. Both the residence and park, originally owned by the Pomphrey family, were given to the people of Tredegar by Lord Tredegar in 1900. That same year, Tredegar Urban District Council moved their council offices into the house.

After several users of the forum on this web site asked some basic questions on what Tredegar Town Council does and what it is responsible for, we wrote a letter to the Town Council to find out. We now have a dedicated forum monitoring and discussing the activities of the Town council which can be located here.

This letter we sent them and the reply we received based the foundation of a white paper we published in February 2008. To date, this white paper has been downloaded over 5,000 times.

You can view the report we created titled  "Tredegar Town Council. An independent view of its current position, responsibilities and conduct in the rejuvenation landscape of Tredegar, South Wales, UK."  here, or download the report from here.

Bedwellty House, Tredegar

New for April 2009
Tredegar Town Council Financial Report 

Following on from the first white paper in which we investigated  the roles and responsibilities of Tredegar Town Council, we set about finding out the financial revenue and spending of Tredegar Town Council. 

It become apparent from the first request that Tredegar Town Council did not want to release their audited accounts to us. Indeed, we were forced to use the Freedom of Information act and the intervention of the Information Commissioner was required to eventual get  the accounts we requested. Even then we received what we consider intimidating correspondence from Tredegar Town Council in what we believe was an attempt to intimidate us so we would stop further financial investigations of Tredegar Town Council. 
This of course failed.

We have analysed the accounts for Tredegar Town council over a ten year period and found what some might call alarming results.

The resulting document titled  "Tredegar Town Council. An independent view of its current and past financial spending. "  is the output from our investigations. At this point we would like to thank the helpful staff of the Information Commissioners office because without their assistance in the matter we would have not been successful in obtaining the information we had a right to see under the Freedom of Information act.

You can view the Financial report on-line here, or download the report from here.


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