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Welcome to the home site of the Town Of Tredegar.  Tredegar is a vibrant town with an unique history with a population of around 11,000. It is situated in the South of Wales, 156 miles west from London, 30 miles North of Cardiff.

The town has existed for more then 200 years, and its past has been shaped by heavy industry, particularly Iron and  Coal.

Tredegar has had several  famous residents including the birth place for Neil Kinnock & Ray Reardon. By far the most famous person to come from the town was Aneurin Bevan, usually known as Nye Bevan. 

Bevan created the National Health Service after seeing how the local miners (of which he was one) created its own health service in miniature, in Tredegar.

Tredegar today is a town that after years in decline, is a town that is now building  for better things for its future. Looking forward and building on what has been before. 

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This website provides information on places of interest, and to visit, with listings of local businesses and voluntary groups, including website links , gallery and Video sections. It provides history on the town as well as a wealth of other  information on this famous town. It is also the home of the famous Tredegar Forums .We also run the on-line Tredegar weather station. We stand together as a community, as as such support local organisations and activities. We also hope this web-site shows the humour of its people, as well as their passion. Please use the links on the top to take you through the site or use the search option on top of the page for quick navigation.

This site  is updated daily from the local community, business and tourist information and contributions from local people. We are completely independent, uncensored, run by people with a true love of the town and non-political. We have been supplying news and information (historic and current) on the town of Tredegar via computer since 1991. For more information on and how you can help this great town, please click here.


 "Tredegar People, Basically the same as Ebbw People, But Nicer"


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